Hengdong County: “epidemic” sound, to show the color of youth

2022-05-19 0 By

2021 Dapu Town selected student Song Shiqiang in Yanqiao village to implement the village “sweep two look three check four test”.Shan Lingfeng, the 2020 grass-town selected student, explained the health 320 decoding process to the villagers in Dazhou Village.Nine selected students are showing their youth at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control.Rednet moment correspondent Wu Yinghui reporter Jiang Nan Hengyang reported to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, Hengdong County 2020, 2021 9 selected students to respond to the county party committee, county government epidemic prevention and control emergency dispatch order, to fight, in the forefront of epidemic prevention and control highlight the color of youth.In recent days, the selected students wore the red armbands of the “epidemic prevention and control supervisors” and the “red vest” of the young volunteer epidemic prevention and control commandos, and carried out the “knock on the door” operation with the “red” party emblem on their chests.On market day, they come to the market early, carry out propaganda and persuasion work, persuade people gathered, check risks in the “sweep two look three check four check”, and guard the safety of one party.In addition, in order to achieve epidemic prevention and control “dynamic zero”, welcome Mi Water spring “green”, they incarnating as information flow adjustment member “old lady mouth”, data statistics “big sister”, white + black, 5+2, boost big data in place within 2 hours to provide scientific “green” data support.At the same time, they are also the propagandists of epidemic prevention and control policy, who “slow down happy events and simplify funerals”, and the front-line supervisors of the implementation of quarantine and control measures. In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, they sit next to villagers, go to the homes of quarantinable people, deliver care to them and explain epidemic prevention and control policies.As young cadres, they do not trust the organization, with the force of youth hengdong County epidemic prevention and control into “positive energy”, with practical action to practice the mission and responsibility of the new era of selected students.