1.5T+ wet dual clutch (DCT), large space with face

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The richness of a car configuration is related to the user’s car experience, so today said Beijing X7 many people pay attention to its configuration problem.Is this car a mule or a horse? Let’s take a look at it in action.First look at the appearance of Beijing X7, Beijing X7 front face presents a solid design style, let a person photographic memory.With the headlights, many interesting details can be seen from inside the design.The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, front fog lights, headlights height adjustment, automatic opening and closing, adaptive near and far light, delay closing and so on.Come to the side of the body, the size of the car is 4710MM*1892MM*1715MM, the car uses angular lines, the side of the car presents an eye-catching design style, with large size thick wall tires, the shape is quite delicate.Look in the future, car tail and front face echo each other, taillight appears very concise and easy, modelling is younger.Interior, Beijing X7 interior to enhance the sense of dignified vision, the overall shape of commendable.The steering wheel shape is very simple, using leather material, full and delicate grip.Take a look at the center control, with 12.3 inches of touch LCD center control screen, so that the interior style is impressive, giving a person a feeling full of fierce.The instrument panel and the seats are equally impressive. The car is equipped with a stable instrument panel and trendy design elements that make people remember it at a glance.The car uses imitation leather seats, seats wrapped in place, further improve the comfort of the driver.The Beijing X7 is fitted with a wet dual clutch (DCT) transmission with a maximum power of 138KW and maximum torque of 275N.m, which gives good power performance.In addition, the car is equipped with car networking, driving mode selection, remote key, Bluetooth key, rear wiper, traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.) and other features.The car’s modest size is a good choice for many families, and the interior space is enough for daily family use.Xiaobian suggests that you move as action, hurriedly go to 4S shop to talk about concessions