Why did Jiao Jiao fall out with Zhao Benshan?Because her ex-husband got screwed over?It’s not that simple

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Jiao Jiao, formerly known as Zhang Yujiao, was an employee of Benshan Media!Recently, Jiao Jiao announced an important event through the network live broadcast: I will leave Benshan Media, her husband and Zhao Benshan jointly opened changchun Liu Laogen stage, resulting in a loss of tens of millions of yuan, when leaving, Maotai are all valuable things left there!02. In the live broadcast, Jiao Jiao said her ex-husband went bankrupt because of Zhao Benshan, was the latter pit, if there is a need, I will speak out!After this live broadcast, Zhao Benshan and female apprentice Sun’s quarrel immediately ignited the circle of friends!In the public view, Jiao Jiao and Zhao Benshan is because her husband was pit tens of millions, he can not swallow the tone, so the problem comes, Jiao Jiao accused Zhao Benshan, really just because of money?03. You know, Jiao Jiao mouth of the husband is already ex-husband oh, two people have no husband and wife name, a woman will be ex-husband and master break off?Obviously not, what’s more, Zhao Benshan is still the king of comedy, high status in the circle, angered her, Jiaojiao is not afraid of self-destruction of the future?Say again, the investment this matter has the risk originally, failed should look for the reason from oneself, not all blame zhao Benshan body!After the incident, Jiao Jiao continued to update her works, in the short video account and the user interaction, someone asked her “why has not been popular”, her answer is: on the one hand is suppressed by benshan media, on the other hand is not very strong ability!Does that make sense to you?Jiaojiao angry point, is not her ex-husband was pit, but their own mountain media suppression!The repression here, well understood, is not to give a performance!04 a lot of people know Jiaojiao is through the “happy comedy man” this program, she participated in several seasons, are to help play the identity, the object of cooperation has little Shenyang, Yang Shulin, Song Xiaofeng, Wen Song and so on, these are the most popular actors!In these programs, Jiao Jiao plays a single role: sexy figure, a Hong Kong and Taiwan accent of the alternative girl!In addition to these variety shows, she does not have many acting opportunities, when the leading role is few and far between!Jiao Jiao is a former errenzhuan actor, into the mountain media, become Zhao Benshan’s grandson, must be running “red” and come, but she did not think of is: their career did not develop, her ex-husband also failed investment, loss of tens of millions!All sorts of reasons combine together: Jiao Jiao left this mountain media has become inevitable!But there is a problem: when an actor is suppressed in a certain group, will he break off with his master or master?As is known to all, there are more than one hundred, zhao benshan apprentice is essentially the men an actor, jiaojiao, although level can also in appearance, but no contortionists, before her division of the big ye, ShiShu has a lot of, such as small shenyang, Song Xiaobao, Tang Jianjun, Wang Xiaoli, xiao-guang liu, zhao benshan has many disciples did not hold red, how can the resources placed upon disciple’s disciple?Of course, Guo Degang said, I do not know people suffering, do not advise people, Jiao Jiao in benshan media in the end by such treatment, her ex-husband and Zhao Benshan between what happened, we do not know, blindly support Jiao Jiao, or support Zhao Benshan are wrong!Finally, I hope jianghu things jianghu, If Jiaojiao feel that he was wronged, don’t spit unhappy words, then say it out as soon as possible, if you feel you can afford it, then leave their relationship with Zhao Benshan, a good career development!