On the implementation of circular 14, hot questions and answers are coming!

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On April 2, Nanjing issued a notice on epidemic Prevention and control during the Qingming Festival Holiday (No. 14).What are the precautions for public travel prevention and control?What should we pay attention to when visiting scenic spots?…Q: During the Qingming Festival holiday, what are the inspection requirements for railway and highway personnel returning to Ningning?A: railway, set up in the railway station of nanjing, nanjing south railway station a nucleic acid detection service (including antigen testing services), and set up independent sampling, antigen nucleic acid detection waiting area, for all to better return ning personnel examine nucleic acid testing negative proof, 48 hours for passengers to the nucleic acid testing service point without a certificate of negative samples.Among them, we will increase antigen detection for travelers living in medium-high risk areas. Those with negative results can be transferred in an orderly manner, and those with positive results will be dealt with by local health departments according to the standard requirements.People from key epidemic-affected areas will be subjected to “double screening”, transport and quarantine, and corresponding health management measures in strict accordance with regulations.In terms of road passenger transport, the government has improved the layout of 74 road inspection service stations, further strengthened the control of renin drivers and passengers in key epidemic affected areas, and implemented the principle of “nearby areas and centralized guidance” to ensure that local governments are responsible for closed-cycle control.If the driver and passenger of a vehicle arriving in Nanjing from other places can provide negative nucleic acid test proof within 48 hours and sukang green code, nucleic acid sampling shall be carried out on the spot before release;Those who cannot provide negative nucleic acid test certificate or Sukang code yellow code within 48 hours shall undergo antigen testing and nucleic acid sampling on the spot and be released only after negative antigen test. Those with Sukang code yellow code shall immediately report to their communities (villages) and units (hotels) and carry out health management as required.If the Sukang code is red, a guide vehicle shall be arranged to guide the vehicle and all personnel to the nearest centralized isolation point for centralized isolation and medical observation.To strengthen the related disease area ning vehicles and personnel control, through the inspection tour card, using the high speed vehicle warning system in the key areas in jiangsu province methods such as discriminant within 14 days if there is a high risk areas are divided into districts in the city history of stroke, and in the “epidemic prevention and control of nanjing road inspection information platform” keep relevant information registration, audit, track, shorten the registration and the passage of time,Rapid identification and precise prevention and control will be implemented to avoid prolonged vehicle congestion.Q: During the Qingming Festival holiday, how to ensure smooth road cargo transportation?Answer: all the epidemic prevention and control measures for the implementation of good, resolutely prevent epidemic spread by road transport links risks, to ensure the safety of goods transport efficient and orderly, truck driver rights, “nanjing” APP and “nanjing traffic law enforcement” WeChat public, open “NingChang luck” module, to ning ning freight vehicle to provide booking service.24 hours before the truck driver arrives in Ning, the unit or individual should take the initiative to declare the expected arrival time, the appointment of high-speed exit and other relevant information after arrival in Ning, and generate “Ning Chang Yun” electronic certificate. When the truck driver arrives at the high-speed exit in each district, the certificate can be used for rapid inspection, sampling and detection services.After passing the inspection, the local area of the destination is responsible for the point-to-point guidance of “whole-process guidance, whole-process service, whole-process closed-loop and whole-process supervision” to the destination for loading and unloading until departure, during which they can wait in the buffer zone set up.Q: Why is the site mourning suspended this year?A: Recently, local clusters of omicron virus strain have occurred in many places in China at the same time. The situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex.Although most cemeteries are located in open areas in the suburbs, the tomb density is large and the space for sacrificial activities is narrow. In the past, the number of people in the tomb Sweeping festival peak could reach tens of thousands per hour. In a short period of time, it is difficult to ensure a safe distance of 1 meter between people, which is easy to cause cross infection among people.The urn is an indoor closed place and objectively does not have the conditions for on-site worship.At present, the city is still in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure people’s health, the city suspended on-site worship.Resumption time will be further notice.Q: How do citizens carry out online mourning?A: The public can access the “Ning Yearning” platform through the “My Nanjing” APP or the “Nanjing Funeral 96444” wechat public account to carry out online sacrifices and leave messages for good luck.Citizens can create or log in the dedicated missing space. After opening the corresponding page, they can enter the information of the deceased and perform online memorial service by laying flowers, lighting candles and sending messages.Q: How to carry out the funeral rites in cemeteries and urns?A: The municipal operational cemeteries organize a collective memorial service for all customers free of charge by cleaning the environment of the park, wiping tombstones and offering flowers, etc. At present, the progress is more than half, and all the memorial service work will be completed by April 8.District management of cemeteries, urns on behalf of the work, can be through the “Nanjing Funeral 96444” wechat public number published by the contact phone, consultation.Q: What should we pay attention to when visiting scenic spots during the Qingming Festival holiday?A: According to the No.6 Notice on epidemic Prevention and Control, indoor places of scenic spots and parks in The city remain closed.At present, some national tourist attractions in the open outdoor areas of the city fully implement the requirements of “limit, reservation and staggered peak”, advocate “no reservation, no travel”, and strictly implement the daily and instantaneous carrying capacity does not exceed 50% of the approved maximum carrying capacity.Visitors to the park should wear masks at all times, strictly abide by the requirements of “one meter noodles” and refrain from gathering.When entering the park, the green code and itinerary code should be obtained by scanning the “place code” on the mobile phone and submitted to the staff of the scenic spot for inspection and temperature measurement, and then the ticket reservation code can be used to enter the park.For the elderly and other special groups, who cannot make online reservation, they can take their resident id cards through the love channel (post) temperature measurement and register to enter the park.Before traveling, the general public should check the booking status of the park through the website of the relevant scenic spot in advance.Q: Can we get together and have dinner during the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday?A: Gathering for dinner is an important way of spreading the epidemic.The evolution branch of omicron variant strain is more infectious and spreads faster. The restaurant is a relatively closed place, where people gather and stay for a long time. Masks cannot be worn when eating, and people often talk while eating, which is easy to cause the spread of the virus among people.Therefore, the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday advocates the public to reduce the dinner party, do not advocate eating, advocating family dinner party is not more than 10 people.Catering service units and other key places should strictly carry out epidemic prevention and control, strengthen drinking water, food and environmental hygiene, and do a good job of health monitoring and nucleic acid testing of employees to minimize the risk of the spread of the epidemic.Q: What are the precautions for public travel during the Tomb-sweeping Day holiday?A: Spring is a season with a high incidence of respiratory infections. People should wear masks when they go to places where people gather and confined Spaces, and take preventive and control measures such as temperature measurement and code scanning.Masks should be worn properly on public transport and elevators.Life will form one meter distance, less frequent hand washing, cluster, not gathered, such as health habits, once appear, fever, dry cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, a diminished sense of smell, taste, conjunctivitis, muscle pain and diarrhea and other symptoms, should be timely according to standard procedure, and take the initiative to inform activities trajectory, and 14 days exposure history, all wearing masks on the way,Avoid public transportation.In order to further protect the health of individuals and their families, the public should follow the arrangements of the community or units, strictly follow the immunization procedures, and get vaccinated on time.Please continue to pay attention to the prevention and control measures of Nanjing, consciously fulfill personal protection responsibilities, and jointly protect the city home of Nanjing.Today liuhe