Chat with “blind box”, customize “lover”, virtual company hidden “sweet trap”

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Tianjin, March 15 (Xinhua) — From dozens of yuan “chat blind box”, to thousands of yuan customized “virtual lover”, in recent years, virtual company services have become a new means for young people to seek spiritual comfort and reveal their feelings on the Internet.But the reporter’s investigation found that there are many problems behind virtual company, such as charging routine, ambiguous content, and the participation of minors.Experts believe that the company economy has a certain market demand, but also beware of the “sweet” behind the trap.Virtual company online, young people find a new “tree hole” coax sleep, trick, comfort…Nowadays, more and more young people buy chat services on e-commerce platforms and “taste” virtual companions to talk and communicate with “chat tutors”.Reporter found in multiple electric business platform, search “the little brother little sister” the words such as “tree”, can find a lot of shops, related to pay for chatting service mainly involves general chat, to sleep, wake up, urge school, coach thesis, one’s deceased father grind communication, industries, etc., according to the chat time chatting and the charge level.In the comment section of one chat shop, the reporter saw people seeking encouragement and comfort after failing the entrance exam, people seeking an outlet for their sadness after a breakup, and people seeking advice from others when facing difficulties in life.Many consumers commented in the comments section: “I have a lot of things to say to my friends for fear of being teased, so I can only confide in strangers.” “Many things that I can’t say to my family and friends in reality, I get helpful answers here.”Seemingly “true feelings”, but behind the hidden trap reporters selected a shop to provide chat services, customer service told reporters, shop “little brother” “little sister” random blind box, gold, town store, men and women god, chief, koi and other different levels, the highest one hour charge 150 yuan, a day charge 666 yuan.The reporter ordered a “little Brother random blind box” chat service. After placing the order, “Little Brother” added the reporter’s wechat account. The chat was conducted in the form of text and voice, and the fee was 30 yuan.Seemingly “true feelings” chat, but in the process of reporter pro test exposed a routine.Chat in the process, “little brother” with “listen to her voice, even chat more save time” on the grounds that will persuade the reporter voice text chat upgraded to a more expensive even wheat chat, and use “time is running out, very not easy to meet people talk, really want to continue to talk about” such as “sweet words” urged reporters renewal.When the reporter in wechat red envelope form transfer to “little brother” renewal, Taobao buyers have said that the money needs to pay directly to the platform, and said that the reporter has no knowledge of the renewal.In addition to the continuation of routine, reporters found businesses to accompany the content of little supervision.”People will ask me to call them ‘babe’ and ‘darling’, but I’m numb to that.””It’s a chaotic business,” one of the hostesses told the reporter. “Some of them talk about ‘colored’ topics.”The reporter also found in some trading platforms, some of the accompanying shop copywriting language ambiguous, such as “want to talk about anything”, “feel very lonely, brothers need to come again”, and accompanied by pictures of naked beauty, many sellers directly said that “you can talk about ‘color’ topic”.There is also no clear age limit on who can chat with each other.Some practitioners said frankly that many chat instructors are students, and some are still minors.Reporter asked a shop customer service, whether to set a minimum age for customers, customer service said: “there is no requirement for your age.”In addition, there are many advertisements on Internet platforms for people to chat or play with, declaring that “simply chatting and playing games together can make money” and “finding part-time jobs and chatting with people in your spare time can not only make money but also harvest sweet love”.A businessman told a reporter that the chatting division in the store has been interviewed, but the “little brother” in the store revealed to the reporter, “from the Internet to download a picture of a ‘hunk’ can deal with the interview, and some people specially buy a voice changer, the so-called interview is easy to pass.”Virtual companionship is an effective way to ease loneliness and is in line with the curiosity of young people, according to experts surveyed.Wang Chunyi, a lecturer training instructor at the Chinese Psychological Society’s Science Popularization Committee, believes that the company economy meets some people’s real needs, such as recognition, attention and support.But he stressed that virtualizing real social relationships and buying services is psychologically undesirable.”This kind of chatting and playing can solve psychological needs in the short term, but in the long term, it can make people who feel lonely more lonely, harder to connect with the real world, and even feel insecure.”Experts remind, because the company service has the characteristics of secrecy, privacy and so on, the service content is relatively abstract, the way to provide services is mainly social software, so the buyer should have the awareness of prevention and discrimination, do not take the initiative to buy pornographic products, if the other party takes the initiative to provide, the buyer should also timely report.In the process of chatting with others, if you find that the chat has gone bad, provide pornographic services such as naked chatting or even guide routine lending, you should report to the police in time.Zhang Jing, deputy director of Beijing Lianggao Law Firm, believes that since the hidden “gray zone” of companionship services is difficult to discover, it is necessary for businesses to delimit the boundaries of the content and behavior of companionship services in advance, such as listing norms in the companionship service contract.In addition, experts believe platforms should also take on regulatory responsibilities and strengthen scrutiny and management.There is also the risk of privacy leakage in the accompanying service.Experts suggest that chat partners and clients are easy to be recorded or even videotaped by each other, and taking appropriate measures to protect the privacy of both parties is an important prerequisite for the development of the industry.Experts warn that personal information such as bank accounts should not be disclosed while chatting to avoid being used by criminals.Wang also suggested that there should be relevant training and supervision for chat companions.”Otherwise, once improper psychological methods are used in the service process, it may lead the other party to have emotional attachment, which is easy to become a high risk area for illegal crimes.”