Stop and calm down, protect the peace of the home!Cadres from all over Xuzhou are fighting the front line against the epidemic

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Buses, factories, schools…In the past two days, due to a new round of COVID-19, the bustling urban area of Xuzhou suddenly became quiet.However, community jam, more than 510,000 party members rushed in the line;In front of the nucleic acid testing site, people are orderly;On the shelves of supermarkets, rice, flour, grain and oil are in sufficient supply, and Xuzhou, which has calmed down this spring, confidently and calmly built a solid defense line against the epidemic.At 12 o ‘clock on March 31, there were only 50 nucleic acid detection teams on 2 roads in tongshan Wanda Commercial Block, which used to be crowded. At the traffic crossing, there were less than 10 vehicles waiting for the green light to pass.A notice announcing the temporary closure of the mall due to COVID-19 control was posted at the entrance, and the bustling street was quiet.”Let the city stop and calm down”, on March 29, Xuzhou epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued the 12th circular in response to the new situation of the epidemic, requiring the main city of Xuzhou and its surrounding areas to stop all non-essential flows and activities.Xuzhou quickly implemented and responded by pressing the “pause button” for the city.At the same time, Xuzhou comprehensively carried out epidemic research and diagnosis, epidemic control, screening of key groups, nucleic acid testing, community containment management, traffic control and other measures.The city’s main leaders serve as commander-in-chief, and 10 working groups and several specialized teams have been set up to implement promotion management, including tracing the source of epidemic control, nucleic acid testing, isolation control, and social and community prevention and control.”A minute’s delay in making phone calls can lead to infection;One hour later, the infection may travel to other places and form a chain of transmission.”Shi Peng, chief of the Suining County Public Security Bureau’s police brigade, said that tracing the source of the flow should race against time to provide accurate guidance for transportation isolation and community containment.Xuzhou has used a variety of means, including big data analysis, to conduct detailed screening of the people asymptomatic infected persons have recently contacted, the places they visited, and the means of transport they have taken.The Xuzhou Public Security Flow control Headquarters promptly launched the “city-county” two-level response, and the police were on standby 24 hours a day, trying to check the key information of the closely connected and sub-closely connected people in the shortest time and at the fastest speed, so as to ensure that the source of the whole chain can be traced accurately and accurately.Up to now, a total of 28 positive cases have been reported in Xuzhou, all of them asymptomatic, and 2,177 people have been closely connected and 4,949 people have been sub-closely connected.At present, the city has reserved 494 centralized isolation medical observation sites, a total of 37,209 rooms, 104 centralized isolation medical observation sites, 4979 rooms have been put into use.”Please scan your ID card and register your personal information.”Early in the morning of March 30, a long queue formed in front of the nucleic acid testing site in Jinshan Garden community, Quanshan District, as residents consciously kept one meter apart and waited for the test in an orderly way.”In consideration of the large number of children in the community, we set up a special green channel for students to ensure that they can finish the online classes before they start.”Taishan South hospital doctor Yuan Xiaolong told reporters that after the nucleic acid test rehearsal, he and his comrades full of confidence.By March 31, the third round of nucleic acid testing had been carried out in xuzhou’s main urban area, sampling more than 2.31 million people.The previous two rounds of testing took less than two days and sampled nearly 4 million people, creating an invaluable “Xuzhou speed.”Community sealed up, protect to follow “good group Lord, I need to purchase a box of yogurt, two jin of apples, a jin of tomatoes.””I need to buy 2 jin of green vegetables, 2 jin of radish, a jin of tofu.”…Upon receiving the information from the people at home, Du Haihang, member of the community grid in Pangzhuang Street, Huaihai International Port Area, immediately opened the epidemic monitoring group, carefully checked and registered to understand the needs of residents, and then purchased and distributed.These days, Du Hna and Pangzhuang street more than 30 grid members and volunteers incarnation “distribution”, to help residents to solve the problems of life, to do a good job in logistics support.According to the actual situation of each community, Xuzhou has set up 47 containment areas, 21 control areas and 5 prevention areas.We will implement “grid” and “point-to-point” services for local supermarkets, and encourage third-party e-commerce platforms and other channels to carry out business such as order distribution and community group buying, so as to provide citizens with various packages.At the same time, xuzhou market supervision and commerce departments organized large-scale wholesale markets, farmers’ markets, shopping malls and supermarkets, community supermarkets, convenience stores and other businesses to increase the frequency of stocking and shelves of daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat and vegetables, eggs and milk to ensure adequate supply of daily necessities for residents.Wang Cheng farmers market director Zhu Zinuo introduced that the market is disinfected twice a day, more than 50 stalls normal business, the same day purchase the same day sales, nearby residents with Xuzhou health bao and the same day district access certificate can enter the market.At 5 o ‘clock in the morning of March 31, Zhang Yun, a truck driver from Heze, Shandong province, arrived at the xuzhou Agricultural and Sideline Products Center wholesale market with a load of vegetables.At the entrance of the market, epidemic prevention personnel in protective clothing immediately stepped forward to measure the temperature of the drivers and passengers, check the “two yards”, and conduct comprehensive disinfection of the cockpit, car body and other parts before being allowed to enter the market.Reporters at the market gate to see, designed for two entrances and exits, are the implementation of the separation of people and vehicles, to ensure that the total weight of civil air defense and material defense.The market also adopts the management method of “people staring at cars, people marking people”. After the foreign vehicles arrive at the market gate, they need to check nucleic acid sampling records and negative proof of virus antigen, and guide them to the corresponding area after registration, elimination and sealing procedures of the cab.”We can steadily provide no less than 300, 000 jin of fruit, 1.2 million jin of vegetables and 20, 000 jin of meat to xuzhou residents every day,” said Liu Qiang, deputy director of the market’s publicity and investment department.Ma Hui, deputy director of xuzhou’s commerce Bureau, said that the city’s 44 key shopping malls and supermarkets have sufficient supplies of rice, noodles, cooking oil, vegetables and meat.Life slow down, party members move up “Hello, please pull over for information registration, and show health code, itinerary code and your nucleic acid test report.”On the morning of March 29, cao Aimin, a volunteer party member from Xuzhou City Urban Management Bureau, was checking the registration of vehicles coming to Xuzhou and patiently explaining the requirements of the current epidemic prevention and control policies to the drivers and passengers.At the same time, here is assembled by a big lake tourist resort, traffic, traffic police, WeiJianWei departments of “vanguard”, by one party member cadre classes every day, strict inspection driving personnel schedule code, health code and nucleic acid testing report, epidemic control and prevention told book, clear control caliber, go all out to protect “the gate”.Life slows down and party cadres do not stop.In recent days, more than 6,000 Party members from xuzhou municipal organs and party organizations at all levels have organized volunteer “vanguard service teams” and party members’ commandos to go to communities and traffic checkpoints to let the Party flag fly on the front lines of epidemic prevention and control.Since March 29, more than 51,000 Party officials in Xuzhou have been transferred to the frontline of epidemic prevention and control as volunteers to build a network.For three days in a row, Ding Qian, a party member worker from Gulou Community Hospital, was stationed at the sampling point of Huanglou Street to complete nucleic acid testing of residents together with community staff and volunteers.Every day, her husband Xia Yan always appeared on time, waiting for the collection work to finish, and then queued up for testing as required.”The first time I collected nucleic acid overnight, Ding Qian didn’t go home all night. I stayed here every day and could also do some volunteer work.”Xia Yan says with a smile, although husband and wife two are laborious, but only “everybody” safety, “small home” ability defends.This is the epitome of the thousands of anti-epidemic workers in Xuzhou who silently stick to the front line.On March 28, the city issued the No. 9 circular on epidemic prevention and control and 10 prevention measures.The affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University called in 392 party members’ medical workers overnight to support the epidemic prevention and control work in urban areas.”Yongan community, go in batches” “Spark community, get on the bus” “Through the open area, go now”……As a designated HOSPITAL for COVID-19 prevention and control in Xuzhou, the Party Committee of the hospital made unified deployment, and all departments quickly acted in groups — 276 Party members to support Yongan Community in Quanshan District, Duanzhuang Community, Taishan Community and Duanzhuang Community, and 116 party members to support Xuzhou Economic development Zone.Under the leadership of the team leaders, the medical staff worked through the night to collect nucleic acid, making the Party flag fly high throughout the city.Xinhua Daily · Intersection Reporter Wang Yan, Zhang Tao, Yang Qi, Yuexu, Chen Tong, Li Gang, Zhang Yaowen