Spring season finale begins!Crystal elder brother praised RNG operation ability, blunt: plain

2022-05-17 0 By

Recently, “League of Legends” 2022LPL spring game ushered in the last battle before the year, during the electronic competition in the spring night super week two last events also attracted numerous netizens to watch.At the same time, Huya platform will not only broadcast the whole race alone, but also many anchors and former professional players have joined the second road commentary camp, and bring laughter and laughter to the audience with their professional perspectives and excellent ability to live.In the two games on that day, it can be said that the ups and downs of the story was staged, during the first game TES suffered OMG zero, the second game RNG fierce battle against BLG in three games.During this period, the former professional player Crystal brother sat in the second way and conducted the whole OB of the day’s game, humorous commentary way also made all the fans water friends in tears.When TES and OMG in the second game, crystal brother just said TES under the blood is better and did not kill the opportunity, did not think they two have been single to the line, and even saw OMG auxiliary hammer stone in the opposite blood, crystal brother is also surprised, follow-up to this he said: we have what problem?Isn’t this a simple blood swap, and that’s what kills people?Many netizens heard the words, this is also funny or sad.At the same time, Crystal elder brother also carried out a wave of detailed analysis of the match between the two teams, during which he said: the game and chess have the same chess board.He also praised the changes RNG made this season, during which he said: “RNG can now operate, they are Crazy, they are very professional.It is worth mentioning that BIN, who transferred to RNG team as the top single, also played well. During the period, after seeing the selection of Gwen on the line single kill enemy side weapon, Crystal brother commented: What a simple single kill, simple and undecorated.Netizens, what do you think of this special way of explanation?Feel free to leave a comment below.