Seven years ago, everyone hated the gold digger on the dating show, now everyone envy the look

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In 2014, zhou Lanjun, a female contestant on a dating show on Zhejiang TV, said she wanted to find a boyfriend worth 50 million yuan and would not marry unless he was from the second generation of the rich.However, at that time, she was just an ordinary sophomore student with average looks and no special family background. How could she have such confidence and obsession?In the face of everyone’s doubts, Zhou Lanjun gave the answer that if he did not marry the rich second generation, his beautiful figure, appearance, social etiquette, good moral character, and even soul have been destroyed.Her bizarre ideas and comments have not only caused her numerous failures in the dating process, but also earned her numerous insults and ridicule on the Internet.Now many years past, whether she has come out from in the shadow of the net violence in those days, whether really married to the rich second generation?Zhou Lanjun was born in Anhui province in 1992. He moved to Xiamen with his parents at the age of six. His father worked in a state-owned enterprise and his mother was a dormitory administrator in a university.Although zhou lanjun came from an ordinary family, she studied hard since childhood and got good grades. In the college entrance examination, she got over 140 points in English and mathematics.However, when zhou Lanjun filled in the application, she only had a special preference for zhejiang universities, and she also wished to enter Zhejiang Gongshang University.To this, the teacher and classmates say some don’t understand, after all, can go to a better school with her grades, but they don’t know is that have a clear target in zhou LAN js mi ammy, she wants to find a boyfriend, rich second generation do to zhejiang university is at the local businessmen in zhejiang, she felt here met rich second generation probability is higher than other places.However, what people did not expect is that Zhou Lanjun entered the university campus, although his academic performance is still excellent, but his personality is very self, and even from time to time he will make some strange remarks that ordinary people seem to see.Even so, Zhou lanjun still had many suitors around her, but she never looked up at them. In her words, whenever she found a boy looking at her for more than five seconds, she would deliberately keep a distance from him to express her attitude.Because in her heart, he is not rich second generation do not marry.For this, she also went to some famous marriage website specially to do relevant consultation, the conclusion given by the website’s matchmaker is that, with her existing conditions can match a worth of 20 million boyfriend.For such a conclusion, ordinary people would not take it seriously, but Zhou Lanjun not only believed it was true and therefore increased confidence, and even thought that the website matchmaker’s conclusion was too conservative, he should be worth 50 million yuan rich second generation.With this understanding, Zhou naturally turned her eyes down on her suitors and began to look around for men who could “match” her.In 2014, Zhou Lanjun, a sophomore, heard that Zhejiang TV had a dating show, in which guests could introduce their partners according to their requirements.Excited by this, Zhou immediately signed up for the TV dating show because it was easier to introduce the rich second generation through the TV station than to find it herself.Later, when asked by the staff of the program as usual about her mate requirements, Zhou confidently replied that some professionals once said that they could match someone worth 20 million yuan, but they wanted to marry a rich second generation worth 50 million yuan.This speech, the presence of the people are stunned, the program group has come to a lot of physical appearance and knowledge are very good female guests, but never a person asked each other to have such a high price.How could this girl, who made no first impression of any kind, make such a high demand?The crowd is still confused, Zhou Lanjun’s next words let them more speechless.Zhou Lanjun said that she must be looking for the rich second generation born in the city, rural or urban and rural areas of the rich second generation she is not acceptable, afraid of the two sides of the consumption concept there are differences, get along with contradiction.Then, when the director of the program asked Zhou Lanjun why she had to marry a rich second generation worth 50 million yuan, her answer shocked everyone again.Zhou lanjun said that if she did not marry the rich second generation, it would be tantamount to ruining her beautiful figure, moral character and even soul.There’s nothing wrong with wanting to marry well, but zhou lanjun’s theory is so outrageous that it’s almost unheard of, and even the well-informed show crew were stunned.They had to kindly remind Zhou lanjun that if she took part in the show, she would probably face a lot of negative comments and attacks after her remarks and mate selection were aired on TV, and whether she could withstand such criticism.Behold, Zhou Lanjun didn’t take it as one thing, she casually said, if you listen to others’ words can’t bring us the light and the future, that just when didn’t hear anything, stick to do as their ideas, she also said that even if I not find the right before the age of thirty rich second generation, we are not going to get married in my life.See Zhou Lanjun to marry rich second generation so persistent, the program group decided to help her, agreed to her female guests to participate in the program recording.Of course, according to The requirements of Zhou Lanjun, the program group introduced her to the first blind date Mr. Liu, Mr. Liu returned from studying abroad private business owners, assets at that time completely reached 50 million.Zhou Lanjun is very satisfied with the blind date arranged for her by the program group. On the day of the appointment, she also dressed up and arrived at the appointment place in advance.On the same day, Zhou Lanjun wore a purple seerwork short-sleeved top, with a white skirt, and a slightly exaggerated design and color hair band on her head, which made her look naive and not sedate enough.When she was eagerly looking forward to The appearance of Mr. Liu, the other party suddenly called the program team and said that he could not meet With Zhou Lanjun.Zhou Lanjun saw the other side did not explain the reason can not come, heart unwilling she took the initiative to call the past to ask each other, can not come because of something temporary or she did not feel, when Mr. Liu said that two factors exist, Zhou Lanjun gave up waiting.Blind date for the first time with such a way not to end, zhou Lanjun’s heart is hard to avoid some loss, but when seeing the program group to introduce her second blind date beta photos, Zhou Lanjun is full of expectations for the next date.Beta is not only a real rich second generation, people also grow sunshine handsome, in Zhou Lanjun’s view, good appearance rich second generation more potential, the conditions of beta fully accord with her own creation of this theory.However, I did not expect that before the meeting, Beta also called and said don’t want to meet With Zhou Lanjun, but he has a friend called Pipilu is willing to meet and chat with Zhou Lanjun.But, Zhou Lanjun and pipiru had to come to the appointment to chat up, but the two people’s exchange is not happy, Zhou Lanjun threw some strange remarks to Pipiru is angry and funny.When it comes to her partner’s parents, Zhou says that a man’s parents must have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, the spirit of seeking truth from reality, and the quality of honesty. If they do not have these qualities, she is reluctant to call them “parents”.Pipilu scolded her for not only demanding her husband, but also her parents, who are not willing to observe basic etiquette. Most of the parents of the rich second generation are difficult to get along with, and some of them are very demanding.Pipilu’s implication is that if you’re picky about other people’s parents, maybe you don’t fit their criteria for a daughter-in-law, either.To his surprise, Zhou replied, “I’m not going to be a babysitter.” Pipilu could only smile awkwardly.Not only for people’s parents do not have basic respect, when it comes to the issue of children, Zhou Lanjun’s idea is still different from ordinary people, she said that after giving birth to the child she will be directly sent to the professional baby teacher to manage, can not therefore affect their own career, children grow up must let them go to famous schools abroad.More beyond the mark is, all the time loving at looking for rich 2 generation she actually asked Pipi Lu, they rich 2 generation besides bubble girl what can still do?This speech, is also directly pipilu angry immediately get up and leave, and finally also with the program staff joke, have never seen such a wonderful person, all her ideas are divorced from social reality and self-centered, if not for the face of the program would have wanted to leave.Introduced 3 blind date, 2 do not even want to meet, finally came to 1, and soon let her to go.In desperation, the program team had to communicate with Zhou Lanjun, whether they are willing to accept the young people struggling by their own efforts, such potential stock may be more suitable for marriage.Unexpectedly, Zhou Lanjun rejected her offer and gave a very strange reason. She thought that if the other person was not a rich second generation, his parents did not meet her requirements, and she would not call them parents, let alone deal with other relatives of their family.Zhou lanjun’s comments once again subverted the three views of the program group, although they then tried to introduce zhou Lanjun several blind dates, but without exception ended in failure, none of the blind dates can accept her weird ideas.Finally, after a circle, Zhou Lanjun still did not find the ideal rich second generation, but as the broadcast of the program, she was quickly fire all over the network, her those thunder remarks let the net friends as a surprise, also drew a curse.A young girl just in her early 20s, unexpectedly in the face of the media lens, can speak openly if not married to the rich second generation even their own soul is also destroyed, Zhou Lanjun is therefore known as the history of the most righteous gold girl.There are even some people who, after watching her performance on TV, do not believe that there can be such a confident, eccentric and unrealistic person in reality, and think that the program group deliberately arranged such a person to hype for the pursuit of audience rating.In order to avoid being involved in the Internet controversy, the show finally had to clarify the facts. They posted a post on the Internet, saying that all of Zhou lanjun’s remarks and thoughts were not deliberately arranged in advance, and all of them were recorded according to the real situation at the time.After the show’s statement was released, Internet users immediately turned on Zhou lanjun, who was inevitably caught in an online storm of ridicule, criticism and even personal attacks.Some netizens said that she was “brain-damaged”, figure, appearance and education did not have the same hand, but also delusional marriage, is not light, should go to the delusional cure before dating.In the face of online abuse, Zhou was calm. Instead of fighting with netizens, she took the initiative to apologize for her inappropriate words and deeds in a blog post after a period of silence.Zhou lanjun said in his post that he had experienced some discrimination in kindergarten and primary school, which left a psychological shadow.In addition, her parents only paid attention to her grades and did not pay enough attention to her mood and health. When she entered high school, she saw that there were many classmates whose family environment was better than hers. Therefore, she wanted to marry the rich second generation, just hoping that her child would not live like her in the future.At the same time, she also said that she has now realized that her idea is problematic, decided to return to the position of students to study hard, no longer consider the world looking for rich second generation boyfriend things, I hope everyone forget her once those remarks, give her a chance to start again.I have to say that Zhou Lanjun’s psychological endurance is very strong. In such a huge Internet storm, she took the most rational way to resolve the conflict, and then she did disappear from the Internet, returned to the real life, and put all her energy into learning.After graduating from college, Zhou returned to Xiamen to work, and through her own hard work, she now owns her own Internet technology company.After learning of her current situation, netizens expressed unexpected praise for her, saying that she can become rich on her own without marrying a rich man.Now seven years have passed, according to her microblog, zhou Lanjun’s daily life is also colorful after work, including tea art, cooking, painting and baking. She seems to be proficient in everything.Moreover, according to the photos posted by Zhou Lanjun, she is now graceful in both makeup and dress, which is very in line with the image of urban beauty, and is quite different from the previous dress on the dating show.However, zhou lanjun, now in her 30s, is still single. Talking about her experience on the dating show, she said with a laugh that she made a fool of herself in front of the whole nation, which is the most regrettable thing she has ever done in her life.Although zhou Lanjun has not been able to marry the rich second generation, but for the future life is very confident, she said that now she is young and energetic, but also step by step in the down-to-earth planning of their dreams, as for when can find the right partner to follow fate.Zhou lanjun said that her biggest strengths are independent and confident, but the confidence she showed on the blind date show seemed arrogant to everyone, while her confidence now comes from her inner calm, which makes her look more mature and beautiful.The online storm caused by a dating show made Zhou Lanjun feel miserable, but it also made her understand that women want to prove their value, not to see how strong you marry, only when you become strong, your value can be affirmed by others.