Price or not price LAN Diagram car is very tangled, other car enterprises are also very flat

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During this period, new energy vehicles are in a bullish market, including BYD, Tesla, Xiaopeng, Geometry, Racing, Feifan, Nezha, Ford, Euler, Benz, etc., but there are still some exceptions such as Lantu and NiO.But LAN Tu and NIo can stick to how long, or will suddenly another boot on the ground, let’s see how LAN Tu said.MYAUTO believes that LAN Diagram is wonderful in entangling two words, is entangling the reason is no more than other car companies are facing cost pressure, with the rising fuel, new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles are ushering in the market can accept the price high.If you look at it from a longer point of view, the current new energy vehicles is our side of the scenery alone, although the domestic price of basic resources is also facing the trend of surging, but there is no concern about supply, and the price of raw materials pushed up, although it is an inevitable trend, but still can be digested by the strong demand.Among them, as a power battery “lithium” is still an important mineral indispensable.The surge in upstream lithium prices is also driving up the price of lithium batteries, which account for 40 percent of the cost of new energy vehicles.According to the calculation statistics of industry veterans, there is still a gap of 30,000 tons of lithium resources in the market of new energy vehicles in 2022.In this regard, the price rise of new energy vehicles is undoubtedly the most reasonable explanation for the industry and the car enterprises, which is the result of The Times.But there are exceptions. Almost all battery companies are trying to reduce the use of lithium, nickel, cobalt and other precious metals, and some new battery forms are also being commercialized.Sodium, which is chemically similar to lithium, is used by many battery companies,Including Ningde times, Zhongkehai Sodium, Jiangsu Zhongna Energy, Xinwangda electronic shares, Guangzhou Penghui Energy, Sandon new energy, ST Lion, the Great Wall Technology Group, Shenzhen Delan Minghai, Zhejiang Anli Energy, Honeycomb energy, Shanghai Aowei, Benan Energy, Jiepu electronics, Sichuan Changhong new energy and so on.Byd, by contrast, doesn’t seem to be making any moves in sodium-ion batteries because it has more upstream sources of lithium.Especially after the ningde era solved the sodium ion energy storage density and pushed the energy density of the cell to 160Wh/kg, some media said that the sodium ion battery of the Ningde era may beat BYD.From this point of view, LAN Figure in the era is actually a torrent of yong into the era, with the continuous upgrading of battery technology, capital orientation and cost pressure are constantly fluctuating.Just under the general trend, the upstream resources weak LAN diagram still can not fundamentally resolve the pressure due to the battery price conduction, this tangle, it is equivalent to a wave of promotion, as for the other boot when landing, strength, MYAUTO estimate next week will have the results.”Copyright notice: This article is myAuto original article, has been through the blockchain technology for copyright authentication, we welcome cooperation, but prohibit any form of adaptation, reprint plagiarism, offenders will be investigated legal responsibility!”