Feiyang Power ERP makes advertising company management more intelligent

2022-05-17 0 By

Advertising enterprise product business process is relatively complex, at the same time the market, the customer is more inclined to personalization, coupled with the enterprise personnel flow more frequently, if still using artificial entry, such as manual bookkeeping management mode in the past, will cause many adverse impact to the enterprise management work, the problems such as nonstandard lead to low efficiency, process, thereby impede the future development of the enterprise.Because of the limitations of traditional industries, although the advertising industry has paid more and more attention to intelligence and technology in recent years, in fact, some important management and production links still use traditional manual and semi-manual operations, and the degree of information is not high.In addition, the advertising industry has long attached importance to the training of technical personnel, and is relatively short of senior talents with comprehensive management ability. Therefore, the promotion of ERP system in the advertising industry has encountered many obstacles.In addition, regular and irregular materials are widely used in the production process. In addition, materials, accessories and product combinations of the same product may be changed at any time.In this way, how to control the purchase quantity, how to determine the type and quantity of materials and other problems are also the difficulties in the successful promotion of ERP management system.The above several difficulties make many general ERP management software in the advertising industry, but the application of ERP management system is the trend of the industry, is the key to seize market information, is the inevitable choice of enterprises to reduce costs, improve the ability to cope with the market, for the enterprise’s own characteristics,It is urgent to choose an ERP management system for advertising industry.Feiyang Power according to the characteristics of advertising enterprises, through personalized design, coupled with many years of experience in the advertising industry, launched feiyang Power advertising company management system for advertising enterprises, help the advertising industry to walk in the forefront of the information age.