When your heart is very confused, how to comfort yourself?

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I am blessed!People have a psychological past.Every experience of each person’s life, even the most intimate, is written down in a memory bank called the Heart of the World.This means that everyone’s success in the world is your success, and everyone’s failure is your reference.Seth’s philosophy says we’re never alone.The success of each person in this world is added to your own mind, and the failure of each person in this world is a part of your experience.For example, if you’re doing an experiment, you don’t have to start from the first time, you can learn from people who have failed a thousand times before.Human hearts are connected.So, you have to open your heart, not shut yourself up.Seth, my teacher, said, “Everyone is born with conscious knowledge of what happened in the past.”This sentence is very important.Let me give you an example, Richard.Bach was also helping to promote Seth’s philosophy as he toured the country promoting “Heaven and Earth”.Richard Bach, however, did not know that Joseph had been his teacher.Ninety-nine percent of a person’s life you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing.Psychologically, 99 percent of what you do every day comes from your subconscious for reasons you don’t know.Sometimes, you make this decision or that decision, and you really don’t know.You might say, “What’s the point of knowing everything?”It means a lot. It’s subconsciously driving your behavior, but you don’t know it.Your mind is not a blank SLATE waiting for the first impression of experience, it already has complete equations.Your heart will always tell you, “Who am I?Where do I come from?”Throughout our lives, we ask, “Who am I?Where do I come from?”But Seth, my teacher, said, “Inside you, it always knows.”For example, a classmate, she married from Indonesia to Taiwan, in Taiwan gave birth to three children, as a housewife.Why did she come to study Seth philosophy?The ostensible reason seemed to be that the son had some situation to ask for help and had grown fond of Seth’s philosophy.But the real reason?Everyone knows in their heart who you are, where you came from, where you were in your last life, and even where you are going next.That’s the secret of consciousness.For example, you may have experienced, you have a dream in the morning, you wake up vividly, you brush your teeth and forget it;Or half when you brush your teeth, two-thirds when you eat breakfast, and then all after breakfast.Or maybe you’ve had the experience where you can’t find your keys or your glasses, and then half an hour later you suddenly remember where you put them.I can’t think about it before, and when I don’t think about it, it just pops up.Many people often ask me, “Dr. Xu, what should I do next?”I always tell people, a lot of times you don’t need to know what to do.All you need to know is that I’m gonna know what I’m gonna do.You must confront the subconscious with a very strange logic, or you will suffer.You don’t know what to do tomorrow. You don’t need to know.You tell yourself, “By tomorrow I’ll know what I’m going to do.”Give instructions to your subconscious mind, often telling yourself positive messages: “My life is a mess and I’m millions and millions in debt.But it’s going to work out fine.”You don’t need to know what to do on a conscious level.All you have to do is tell your subconscious mind, “This is going to get better and better.”Most people are anxious because they try to find all the ways at the level of consciousness.Unable to find a way, he thought, “It’s over.”It’s over. What can it do?Who you are, where you’ve come from, and what you’re going to do next, your heart will always know.You have to give yourself constant reminders, and every morning when you get up, the first thing you say to yourself is, “I am blessed, I am blessed by the universal energy, and all THAT I need is coming to me.”Maybe you have been sick, maybe you have met some life bottlenecks, maybe you want to break the mind, struggle for many years, but still can not find the answer.Still, always tell yourself something positive: “All my need will come to me, all my need will be given to me.”Because this is a universe of abundance, this is a very important belief.Author | hsu sheng from the nature of the soul “edit | | audio book catcher mind click ☞ Seth college watch more hsu sheng physician’s public speech author introduction: xu tian sheng, the world famous psychologists and psychiatrists, dynamics, the founder of the mind and the global spread of the messenger, prolific writer of psychology, philanthropist, and entrepreneurs.Wheat Field soul is committed to the implementation of xu Tiansheng’s psychodynamics, as well as the professional knowledge from the Seth philosophy system in the United States into daily life, so that everyone has the opportunity to get professional, warm and powerful support, and comprehensively improve the overall healthy growth of everyone’s body and mind!