Small in accordance with the laundry factory agent model pulling a good washing has been restricted by the court high consumption?

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Recently, financial hawk-eye repeatedly received public consultation, “small in accordance with the laundry factory” agent can do?We launched an investigation.According to verification, xiaoyi laundry factory is operated by Sichuan Junhao Technology Co., LTD., Chengdu Suoxiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd. and other entities.It is reported that the small laundry factory mainly pay 9800 yuan, 1980 yuan to join the agent mode, although the small laundry factory has a small number of offline stores, but these agent mode is not offline shop, but to join the laundry factory shop, become an online shopkeeper.Although the franchise agent marked a variety of benefits, but the most reliable is to pull the new agent, such as 9800 yuan after opening a shop to pull a small shop owner can commission 2400 yuan.Xiaoyi laundry factory agent to join the model is very suspicious, financial Hawk-eye to remind the public, the need to guard against the head pattern.Small in accordance with the laundry factory’s few offline stores, but also frequent consumer complaints.On the leadership message board of People’s Daily Online, consumers complained that xiaoyi laundry factory had lost their shoes when they were sent for dry cleaning.On a redbook platform, a user complained that four or five thousand pairs of Gucci short sleeves were damaged after they were sent to xiaoyi laundry factory for cleaning.And these consumer complaints, all revealed a thing, consumers do not get xiaoyi laundry factory’s attention.Financial Hawk-eye investigation found that Chengdu Suoxiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the main operators of xiaoyi laundry factory, the company formerly known as Chengdu Junhao Washing Technology Co., LTD.So far, the company has had five court restraining orders and four court restraining orders;Currently, there are two court enforcement records and 14 enforcement records, which are close to bankruptcy.All in all, doing business with the company requires caution.Article source: anonymous, hereby thank you!