Shandong province school safety risks report telephone announcement

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About school safety hidden danger in shandong province to report telephone announcement to fully mobilize the social from all walks of life and the staff to participate in the enthusiasm of the school security work, make the campus safety regulation by a few department become the whole society to supervise, to discover and eliminate the safety hidden danger in time, build comprehensive ShiCe, various power, should work of the school building and safety reporting system,Special announcement shandong province school safety hidden danger report telephone.Education Bureau of Shandong Province: 0531-51793882 Education Bureau of Jinan: 0531-66608058 Education Bureau of Qingdao: 0532-51917097 Education Bureau of Zibo: 0533-3162585 Education Bureau of Zaozhuang: 0632-8688208 Education Bureau of Dongying:0546-8327000 Yantai Education Bureau: 0535-2102367 Weifang Education Bureau: 0536-8799335 Jining Education Bureau: 0537-2106907 Tai ‘an Education Bureau: 0538-8099829 Weihai Education Bureau: 0631-5191707 Rizhao Education Bureau:0633-8779361 Linyi Education Bureau: 0539-8132856 Dezhou Education and Sports Bureau: 0534-2324939 Liaocheng Education and Sports Bureau: 0635-8245567 Binzhou Education Bureau: 0543-3188700 Heze Education Bureau:Shandong Provincial Department of Education February 25, 2022