Have you figured out the details of the meat cone?You are guaranteed to gain a lot

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Peeling without watering;Wrinkled skin, pinch the internal hard is to desquamate;Seedlings that have not reached 2 years do not need to cut off water to take a small amount of water supply;In addition, the wild goods affected by the original climate and domestic is not the same, the use of normal domestication and conservation.December-late February: peeling stage – cut off the water and resume watering after peeling.From March to mid-June: Growth stage – dry and thoroughly watered, depending on 2 days of weather, continuous rain without watering.From late June to mid-September: semi-dormant stage – water is cut off. Water can only be sprayed on the surface of apricot in sunny night, once every 10 days.Late September – late November: growth stage – dry and thoroughly watered, depending on the weather of 2 days, continuous rain does not water, flowering plants do not pour water into the stamen.Late September – Next January: meat cone into the growing season, water can be more, if the temperature is below 5℃, do not water.Meat cone watering is usually not poured through, only half through, because the root system of meat cone is shorter, the use of soil peat content is generally higher, after pouring through it is difficult to dry in a period of time, light easy window cracking, affecting the product phase, heavy will also cause water.In late September – October, depending on the strength of the sun appropriate shade, so as not to sunburn.February – Mid-May: meat cone began to molt period, this time into a plant meat cone began to separate, the old skin wrapped in the outside, do not need to hand to remove, after the new head is easy to sunburn.During this period, the meat cone still needs to cut off the water, if there is a particularly small variety, the water shortage is serious, you can spray water on the surface in the evening to increase the water.During this period, some meat cones will bloom in this spring, such as cross buttons, part of the small M and so on.(From April to May the sun began to be hot, pay attention to shade, prevent sunburn) late June to mid-September: although the meat cone molting basically ended, but the temperature during this period, the need to cut off water, special small varieties can be in the evening surface spray water.Shade must be taken during this period to avoid sunburn and death.Source: Succulent Circle APP- Succulent Knowledge Community