Disregarding Messi’s call for the ball, Mbappe delivers the winner!Paris 1-0 rennes, champions League game against Real Madrid

2022-05-16 0 By

European five big league last season, the result is that most fans unexpected with super luxury lineup of Paris st germain, not to perform in ligue 1 title, it also makes the way take over the team’s wave cut and gilardino did a lot of questions, the offseason greater management and introduced a number of good players, to further improve the strength of the team,Since the start of the new season, Greater Paris has also shown a unique dominance in the domestic game, the lead in the table has reached double digits, will firmly grasp the initiative to win the championship in their own hands, in the 24th round of the French League, The Greater Paris host rennes, the fifth place in the table.Didn’t keeping the greater will be his strength superiority into the advantage of the pitch, long and rival in anxiety, until injury time, Lionel messi and had her two attachment, to help the greater made the only goal of the whole game, a 1-0 victory after Ryan, a greater league has had four straight, flirt to wave cut perez sustain her life,Become after the game fans ridicule!Paris st germain team despite the obvious advantages in the French league this season, but can not cover up their own problems, among them many times in the last stage to beat, enough to prove that the stability of the team is not very good, often need to rely on the star’s personal ability to solve problems at the last moment, in this game and Ryan, such drama again.The match the greater the ball rate reached 64%, the passing rate is as high as 92%, but the road lane with excellent defensive system, let the home team completed 14 times, and only 3 shots on target, and the greater the offensive end clutter is also the cause of their overall offensive threat is,The impression was that, with the exception of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Ashraf, the Rest of the Paris players were less active in attack, more standing around and waiting, which made rennes’ defence much easier.Eventually rely on the most positive Lionel messi and had saved the greater Paris, stoppage time 92 minutes, Lionel messi in midfield after the ball, the ball forward and watched a teammate movement situation, after see the left had peja, messi open defensive player of the ball to the emperor, who face the middle with messi’s ball move chose to ignore,In addition to his goal, mbappe had another dangerous shot that bounced off the post.Despite the greater Paris won the game, but coach wave cut perez remains many fans the object of criticism, after his job at the helm of the team, did not make greater kneading as a whole, more on the offensive end or end, relying on the star’s personal ability to complete this style in other opponent’s strength is not very ligue 1 action may also be able to turn things around,But it will be hard to replicate in the more competitive stages of the Champions League, with The grand Paris hosts Real Madrid three days later, and it will be hard to stop the galacticos if they continue to rely on the individual qualities of their stars.