About setting off fireworks!Harbin issued an important reminder

2022-05-16 0 By

Harbin, 24, work safety commission office issued a ban on fireworks outside the area of safety tips: 1, to have business permits to buy fireworks sales shops (point), strictly prohibited to buy illegal sales of cold fireworks, steel wool fireworks and other prohibited fireworks products.2, do not buy fireworks on the Internet and illegal sales dens, do not send through logistics, transport fireworks.It is forbidden to carry fireworks on public transport.3, to buy a Chinese logo, no damage of the formal qualified products.4. Do not store and set off fireworks indoors, and keep away from flammable and explosive items.5. It is strictly prohibited to set off fireworks and firecrackers in gas stations, warehouses of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, mountain forests, stacking of firewood and grass, and high-pressure lines.6, do not set off fireworks in the window, balcony, indoor or in front of the crowd, vehicles, manhole covers, buildings, do not throw lit fireworks into the sewer or manhole covers.7. Discharge should be carried out in strict accordance with the product instructions.8, children do not light their own fireworks, to be lit by their parents.9. Don’t set off fireworks after drinking.10. If fireworks and firecrackers have embers, they should be put out immediately.Links:The sale, storage and setting off of fireworks are strictly prohibited in the restricted areasSurround close fourth ring road in downtown Harbin area (including the fourth ring road), the town of matsuura sihuan area outside, Harbin economic and technological development zone, and beneficial development zone along the northing new area (new town, new farming town, taiping town) and the collection, hulan district, a city, twin city people’s government within the area designated and announced to the public, forbidden setting off fireworks, sales, storage and transportation.