Why is the Winter Olympics media pack popular

2022-05-15 0 By

At last year’s Tokyo Olympics, many foreign journalists still carried media packs issued by the organizing committee for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.This has not only made the black bag a hit, but also raised expectations for the Beijing Winter Olympics media pack.At that time, I had not yet officially decided to cover the Beijing Winter Olympics, but I was a little curious: would the Beijing Winter Olympics media pack really be popular with many media?It was not until yesterday that I found the answer to the question.Just yesterday, I received my Beijing Winter Olympics media pack from the main media center.As I took a closer look at the contents of the media pack, I realized why this year’s Winter Olympics media pack was so unpopular and so popular.Judging by what’s in the bag, the media pack for this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics doesn’t actually contain much.In addition to thermos, pens, notebooks, badges, there is a cotton cap and neck.It can be said that the value of these things is not much, but when I looked at these things carefully, I felt the good intentions of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing committee.For example, the cups in the media pack, in addition to the thoughtful use of soft straws, are engraved on the bottom of the cup 15 Events of the Beijing Winter Olympics, so that people can feel the unique charm of ice and snow sports while drinking water.For example, the scarves and hats are more practical, considering that the outdoor temperatures are usually below freezing during the Beijing Winter Olympics, so when journalists wear hats, they can feel the warmth from the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympics.At the same time, what surprised me most was the paper-cuts in the media bag, which perfectly combined the Spring Festival with the Winter Olympics and made people feel the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture.It is because of these unique designs that this media pack is once again popular with journalists from domestic and foreign media.As I walked around the Olympic venues and the main press center, I noticed that many members of the media had already changed into this media pack.They also put their business cards inside the bags, some with pictures of themselves.When I asked them what they thought of the bag, they all gave me their thumbs up.As I said in my diary yesterday, it is delightful to have friends coming from afar.Small media pack backside, accumulate accumulate the precious intention that is worn broad Olympic Games worker.It is conceivable that the backpack will also be used frequently in venues and media centers in future Olympics to give people a sense of China’s efforts in hosting the Beijing Winter Games.