Seven consecutive defeat!Are the Nets out of the running?Harden is expected to be traded, the big three decompression face countdown

2022-05-15 0 By

Kyrie Irving led the Nets to a regular-season game against the Utah Jazz in the absence of James Harden and Kevin Durant.The Nets trailed from the start, never taking the lead in a 125-102 loss to the Utah Jazz.Irving struggled, hitting just six of 20 shots and four of eight from 3-point range in 32 minutes for a team-low plus-29, with 15 points, three rebounds and six assists.Six Utah players scored in double figures, led by Mitchell with 27 points, three rebounds and six assists.The Jazz are on a seven-game losing streak, losing to Minnesota, Los Angeles, Denver, Golden State, Phoenix, Sacramento and Utah.Although the Nets are still the odds-on favorite in the latest edition of the NBA championship, no team in NBA history has won a title after a seven-point losing streak in the regular season.The Nets are 2-8 without Durant.While the team’s record is down, Harden is also embroiled in rumors.Shams Charania reports today that the Philadelphia 76ers are pursuing Harden before this season’s trade deadline, and the Nets are open to trading harden.The reporter said the nets’ big three haven’t been able to fit in, which might push the Nets to trade Harden.The Nets said harden’s game style didn’t mesh with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, his need to control the ball for long stretches of time, his game plan to adapt to off-court situations, and a hamstring injury that worried the nets’ front office were all factors that led to the move.He’s averaging 22.5 points, 8.0 rebounds and 10.2 assists per game so far this season. The 76ers could trade Simmons, along with Steph Curry, Marc Maxi or Sabre, for Harden.We’ll see what happens with the trade deadline coming up.