It’s New Year’s Eve!Do you know these customs about New Year’s Eve?

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New Year’s Eve is what we call Lunar New Year’s Eve, Lunar New Year’s Eve and Lunar New Year’s Eve. It is the last night of the lunar year, end to end with the Spring Festival.New Year’s Eve means to be in addition to the old part of the new, the old year so far and in addition, the next year for the New Year’s meaning.Wish all friends a happy New Year!All the best in the Year of the Tiger!As New Year’s Eve is a time to bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, so most of the customs and activities are centered around the elimination of the old and the elimination of disasters.The New Year’s Eve dinner, also known as the Reunion dinner, has been practiced since at least the Northern and Southern Dynasties. And in ancient China, some prison officials even let prisoners go home to be reunited with their families, which shows the importance attached to this custom.Due to the cold winter, hot pot is often set in the middle of the dinner table in the north, so eating New Year’s Eve dinner is also called “around the stove”.Ancestor worship is the first event of many people’s New Year’s Eve customs, in many places of Our country, on the New Year’s Eve this day will be put on the home rich meals, poured wine and lit incense, elders lead their children to worship, express the feeling of “cautious death”.After offering sacrifices to ancestors, everyone can enjoy the New Year’s Eve dinner.Shousui New Year’s Eve Shousui is one of the traditional customs on New Year’s Eve, the Western Jin Dynasty “Records of local conditions” there are records about shousui: “sleepless all night, waiting for the morning yue Shousui.”Shousui custom will be all the houses lit fire, New Year’s Eve night, family reunion, keep the “fire” not to be extinguished, waiting for the moment of ringing in the New Year, to welcome the arrival of the New Year.Even the need to light a candle at the bottom of the bed, that is: “according to the waste”, it is said to do so, to enrich the family wealth.There are also some customs that we all know very well: pasting New Year pictures, pasting Spring Festival couplets, lighting firecrackers, handing out lucky money and so on.What are the taboos on New Year’s Eve?1. No cleaning or garbage on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.In some places, people think that cleaning on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be very busy and hard all year long. During this period, they will also throw away the “blessing” of their homes.2. Don’t argue.On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve, we should speak more auspicious words, not quarrel, unlucky words and swear words, in order to pray for a prosperous New Year.3. Don’t draw water.People who have Wells in their homes are required to seal them before dusk on New Year’s Eve, cover them with wood and offer cakes and incense before they can reuse them three days later.4. Don’t turn the fish.In many places, fish is included in the New Year’s Eve dinner, and there is also a custom of eating fish without finishing it, which means “more than one year after year”.After eating one side of the fish, you can’t say turn over the fish, but use other words instead. In many places, you only eat one side of the fish without turning over the fish, because turning over the fish is taboo.5. Don’t put three dishes.Three dishes can not open, because and scattered wealth homonym, has a bad implication.Different places have different customs, whether it is the kind of customs with people full of vision and yearning for the New Year, once again I wish you all a happy year of the Tiger, everything in the coming year.# New Year ## Red-hot New Year.## Today New Year’s Eve to bid farewell to the old and ring in the New Year # Watch food security, you will get the latest original information!For the health of the family, you are welcome to comment and forward moments!