How much do you know about these five facts about car safety?It’s actually kind of fun

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These days, cars are with us every day, but what can you tell us about their internal safety structures?There are so many interesting designs that you might never know if someone didn’t tell you about them.So, this article will carry on the cold knowledge safety inventory, of course, if the novice friend feels helpful, can collect it!First, we often say that the shock stop paste, the material is mostly asphalt, not environmental protection.Often in a variety of automotive technology columns, see the introduction of shock absorbers, this thing almost appears in every car.There will be shock stickers on all four doors, on the roof, on the floor, and under the seats.However, in the application of materials, few products will use high-cost butyl adhesive.Butyl glue is not only too expensive, but the material needs to be carefully calculated, cut into small pieces and affixed to metal surfaces, increasing research and development costs.In the majority of cases, shock absorbers are made of asphalt.Bitumen, which is cheap, is actually a by-product of petroleum, or, to put it mildly, waste.Asphalt shock stop paste is not environmental protection, smell bad, often cracking, including many new cars have this situation.Because too cheap, when laying, do not need careful calculation of pennies, large area is pasted also indifferent to.So we see some cars with fully covered asphalt shock absorbers on the floor.Second, the front bumper beam, which is often said to be very fragile, is not collision-proof in medium-high speed collisions.In fact, anti-collision this word, know nothing about the car friends can understand, front and rear bumper beam, commonly known as bumper.In fact, this safety structure is designed for ultra-low speed collision. When the speed is slightly higher, the anti-collision beam will have no anti-collision effect.In a nutshell, if you’re moving your car in a parking lot and you accidentally hit a wall, that’s a super low speed collision, or at most, the paint gets scratched, because the bumper is on the inside, so it doesn’t damage the body.If you increase the speed slightly, more than 10 kilometers per hour, you can actually protect the car.Faster. The speed before the collision was about 20 kilometers per hour. Actually, you can imagine, the bumper must have been broken, and the basic water tank leaked after the front of the car was hit, so the front bumper was actually lost from the beginning.In the event of an impact accident, the anti-collision beam will absorb and disperse some force due to its energy absorption.But the bumper beam does not actually protect the rear body, so the heavy responsibility of collision and energy absorption will be handed to the rail beam.Third, the torsion beam structure of the rear suspension is really driving in torsion, so it needs the assistance of anti-roll bar.General family cars or SUVs, in order to meet the design needs of representatives at the same time, will try to save costs, so the rear wheels generally adopt non-independent suspension is natural.We can often hear the description of the structure design of torsion beam of rear suspension. In fact, torsion beam is commonly known as plate beam suspension.As opposed to a freestanding structure, the torsion beam is actually a metal girder that connects the left and right vehicles, although the actual structure is a bit more complicated.So how does a torsion beam work?As the name suggests, the torsion beam actually deforms in real time as the vehicle travels on a bumpy road.Because the metal steel beam has certain elasticity and toughness, the torsion beam is actually kept torsion, which is its true working state.So in order to keep the torsion beam resilient enough, many cars have added anti-roll bars, also known as torsion bars, which are round steel bars located inside the torsion beam to increase vehicle handling and assist the torsion beam to achieve more intense driving behavior.Fourth, in fact, the engine sound insulation cotton more role is heat insulation, sound insulation effect is really very little.In fact, the engine of sound insulation cotton, but also we like to talk about the topic, because you do not have any knowledge can also judge.Online sales of various auxiliary factories of sound insulation cotton, quality is uneven.It seems that the first thing people do when they buy a car is to turn on the engine and see if there is sound insulation cotton in the hood. In fact, as we all know, sound insulation cotton basically has no function of isolating noise.The original intention of this cotton layer, in fact, is to isolate the heat of the engine, prevent the engine high-temperature baking cover, prevent the danger of scald contact cover outer layer in the hot car state, therefore, called insulation cotton is more appropriate.Through the test, the same car in idle, noise insulation cotton only 1 to 2 decibels.When driving, because the noise is maximized, it doesn’t make any difference.Noise from the engine, isolated or not, is actually quiet to the person standing outside the car. The person inside the car doesn’t actually hear much noise.Fifth, active spring hood technology content is not low, pressure sensor and rod is the key.Now more and more cars as the hood is equipped with the function of the active pop-up, namely when the vehicle when the positive impact, the trigger mechanism under the hood will push up the hood, made by the impact of pedestrians on the hood bounce after receive buffer, rather than directly be left on the hard metal hood or hit the front windshield was injured.This active safety design stems from engineers’ respect for life.The main trigger mechanism for this function is the air pressure sensor assembly located in the front column of the vehicle and the lifting device of the movable hinge mechanism located at the rear of the canopy.Through the accurate calculation of the driving computer, it can play a role in the critical moment. Once the false alarm is triggered, the maintenance cost will be tens of thousands of yuan, because the bouncing device is a one-time design.Summary: Today we simply enumerate some cold knowledge of safety design. In fact, there are a lot of things, which are not as we usually imagine. The structure of a car is extremely complex.