About love is very sad sad sayings!(Post on moments to inspire thought)

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A, mouth said again good, no action is cheating, mouth does not say, silent action is true love, a person depends on unreliable, not to listen to what he said, but to see what he did!Two, again important person, let you disappointed much, also become not so important, sometimes disappointed to a certain extent, but it doesn’t matter, you want to know, really sometimes not really!Three, in the right two people, do not care about slowly strange, then deep feelings do not care, slowly light, do not speak to each other, slowly have nothing to say, cold for a long time, used to, later really no longer need!Four, the heart is relative, in true for true, feelings are mutual, heart warm heart, fate is not in length, but in heart to heart, see the truth in the wind and rain, see the heart in plain!Five, only have you in the heart, will be willing to take care of your emotions, only see you very heavy people, can stand with you, and you with joys and sorrows, joy!Six, people and people meet by fate, people get along with each other is sincere, the encounter is happy, cherish only warm, there is no who sorry who, only who do not know how to cherish who!Heart this thing is very expensive, to the right person is priceless, to the wrong person is worthless.Love and kindness can be free, but never cheap!Eight, eyes are full of my people, to deserve all my love, when I can not feel from you the importance of their own, then you are not important, no matter what our relationship!Nine, don’t tangle in the don’t care about you a person, he can endure not to contact you, you are dispensable, mobile phone from hand, you still have what not understand, if you are important, he will always think of some way to for you, if you are not important, he will be looking for a reason, really want to give you something, do not ask why don’t you!Ten, if the heart is in, what’s wrong with broken contact, if the heart is not in, never leave and how, can not grasp things even hand is redundant, can be snatched away by others, in fact, never belong to you!Eleven, a person is not important, it is important to you, really good to you are in the details, people will lie, but the details will not, love is detail, do not love is also, the details of the gentle, intentional people do not have to teach, unintentional people will not teach!Twelve, like a person must like nine points, a point of dignity, I can be full of you, also can eyes no longer you, if you run out of my enthusiasm, run out of my love, then LOVE I will immediately turn around, from now on out of your world!If only unilaterally to love, then everything will have no result.Love without result is in vain.To love is to be worthy of love.Hold on to this thought: if you are one, I will live and die, if not, then break up in a beat!Like you, will move your heart;Don’t like you, you pay more is not care about.So, don’t wait for the people who shouldn’t wait, don’t hurt the heart shouldn’t hurt.To know that some people are doomed to be a passer-by in life;In the face of love friendship.We only see a little light, the injury will be less!Feelings, there will always be points and points, life, there will always come and go, but you must understand, to go to the people you can not stay, pretend to be confused you can not wake up, do not love you you can not move.Full of your people, worthy of all your love!