Urgent reminder: these people must be liars!Please report it as soon as possible

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Wenlin Campus of Primary School affiliated to Yunnan Normal University (HNU) will randomly select enrollment numbers for 2022 students.Here, we especially warn and remind every registered parents: 1. “promise to help you win the lottery” must be a liar!2. Please don’t use your luck to pay for crooks!3. Please report immediately!Wuhua district of kunming city education sports bureau on April 2, 2022, in addition to the “lottery ticket” fraud phone and SMS freshman admission to parents and students must pay attention to the following scheme common forms of fraud and typical case that the “bureau of education grants” some family difficulties, are worried about college students easily become the target of such telecommunications fraud.Fraud molecules that is education department staff, to give the poor students out thousands of yuan student subsidy, then the induction of students or their parents to the ATM machine operation, will transfer the money all of card to provide the bank account of outlaws, shandong girl Xu Yuyu tragedy is caused by the use of such means.The police remind: candidates and their parents are advised to check whether there is such a policy with the education authorities first, and verify whether they enjoy the policy through official channels, and do not easily remit money to each other’s account before.The criminals disguised the shanzhai website as a college webpage with a high similarity, set up entrance to attract candidates to log in and fill out the application, in order to obtain candidates’ personal information, so as to lay the foundation for the next precise implementation of recruitment fraud.In addition, such phishing websites will also frequently appear in the examination results query stage, criminals disguised the shanzhai check points as the college entrance examination results query interface, widely promoted in search engines and forums and other pages, parents and examinees will be at any time after clicking into the risk of personal information leakage or even money fraud.Police remind: after the college entrance examination, query scores, fill in the volunteer should log in the official website of the education department, do not easily click unidentified links.Pretends to “take internal indicators by special relationship” into the college entrance examination admission stage, all kinds of fraud methods are endless: mainly on the grounds of independent enrollment, or pretends to have “special relationship” implies that you can get “internal” or “unplanned” indicators to the candidates and parents to ask for money;Express can deal with for examinee art, sports, small language and so on all kinds of “special talent” extra points preferential treatment and so on.Police remind: all enrollment plans are issued by the state and announced to the society, without the approval of the state or not announced to the society, can not arrange enrollment.Therefore, the so-called “preferential bonus points”, “independent enrollment indicators”, “internal indicators”, “unplanned enrollment indicators” are not credible.Mail false admission notice, fraudulent tuition and miscellaneous fees through the post office to the examinee mailed false admission notice, and require the tuition and miscellaneous fees into the swindler designated account.Police remind: admission notice can be verified from the official websites of education departments, colleges and universities.Swindlers take advantage of candidates and their parents are not familiar with the characteristics of the admissions procedures, regulations, under the banner of make-up to cheat.In fact, local admission offices will open online recruitment of unsuccessful candidates, no phone calls, let alone send people to find their parents.Police remind: fill in the volunteer, fill in must be completed under the guidance of the class teacher or school.Every year around the college entrance examination is the peak period of SMS fraud.At the same time, this period is also the middle and primary schools for mid-term exams, primary schools for admission evaluation stage, lawbreakers will always take advantage of the communication between parents and schools, such as the situation, through SMS posing as school teachers, teachers fraud.Comprehensive: Kunming Wuhua Education, Kunming anti-telecom network fraud center source: Palm Spring City