Start off with all your energy

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Vientiane updates, people frequently spring early.On February 17, the third Procuratorial Department of Huanglong County Hospital held a departmental meeting, looking back at the work in 2021, looking for gaps, making up for shortcomings, affirming achievements and actively planning the work plan of the New Year.At the meeting, Duan Yanping, director of the Third Procuratorial Department, first summarized the development of various business work in 2021.Attending police prosecution on criminal execution of procuratorial work, accused of complaints and case management work of three major parts, respectively, in combination with own labor of duty, deeply analyze the problems existing in the previous work and the insufficiency, and how to better complete the evaluation indicators of the New Year task views, speak freely, put forward reasonable Suggestions.Liu Weifeng, the leader of the Institute in charge of the third Procuratorial Department, put forward the characteristics of many points, wide areas and long lines. First, we should strengthen learning, constantly improve the political quality and business elements, build a solid ideological foundation and adapt to the new requirements of the procuratorial work in the new period.Second, based on the post, active work, solid work and smart work to do a good job of execution and prosecution, case management services and staff supervision should also be in place;Third, to complement the strong and weak, strive for bright spots, pay attention to the quality of research information, pay attention to the handling of typical cases and guiding cases;Fourth, plan ahead and finish the tasks of the year with high quality.Looking back on 2021 and looking forward to 2022, the Third Procuratorial Department of Huanglong County Hospital will strive to make a good start and a good step, striving for greater progress and breakthrough in all work in the New Year.Text: Fang Xiaoqin Huanglong Procuratorial New media Studio produced