Chengdu to buy a house to let their assets turn next to the City three looking for opportunities!

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Phase iii of the City is far more than Phase I and PHASE II!Next to the five districts of Chengdu, next to the high-tech zone Dayuan and Xinchuan, and to undertake the future Tianfu New District headquarters business district, it is also the most mature area in Chengdu, the geometric center of Chengdu at present, but also the international name card of Chengdu!Then which plate can undertake the third phase of the City of fairy spirit, close to the water tower first get the month: the City plate is inevitable, and then is tianfu Great Wall and South City sink plate although a little old but guarding the south third ring artery afraid of what?Dayuan is also the preferred residential area!Of course, there is a value of the depression is luxiao plate containing line 6 radiation of Zhangjiasi, Luxiao and east station here is the second second new hair is the first choice, the unit price of 20,000 to 25,000 total price of 2.3 million to 2.7 million can get on the car set three!As long as the money can make a down payment really do not hesitate, this area if you turn over, will let you regret!# Chengdu Buy a House