11.19 billion yuan!The first batch of Hainan government bonds will be issued in 2022

2022-05-14 0 By

New Hainan client, Nanhai Network, southern Metropolis Daily reporter:Recently, on behalf of the provincial government, the Finance Department of Hainan province successfully issued the first batch of hainan government bonds of 11.19 billion yuan in 2022 in Beijing, including 3.025 billion yuan of hainan Free Trade Port special bonds for the first time, which is mainly used to support the construction of key parks such as Haikou Jiangdong New Area and Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Park.Provide strong low-cost financial support for the construction of hainan free trade port.This batch of bonds are all new bonds, including general bonds of 5.3 billion yuan, special bonds of 5.89 billion yuan.Divided by maturity, the 5-year period is 6.26 billion yuan, and the 10-year period is 4.93 billion yuan, with an average issuance rate of 2.84%.This bond issue attracted the attention of the market, with 70 financial institutions actively bidding for 306.84 billion yuan, a bidding multiple of 27.4 times, reflecting the bond market investors’ recognition and confidence in hainan’s economic development, financial strength and government credit.The banks with the highest winning bids are: Agricultural Bank of China 2.57 billion yuan, INDUSTRIAL and Commercial Bank of China 2.56 billion yuan, Construction Bank 2.54 billion yuan, Postal Savings Bank 1.2 billion yuan, Bank of China 700 million yuan.In the next step, hainan Provincial Department of Finance will urge provincial project units and cities and counties to speed up the construction progress of land bond projects, strengthen the management of special bond funds expenditure, strive to form more physical work as soon as possible, and give full play to the effective driving role of bond funds on Hainan investment.Editor: Mo Jingyun Duty Director: Ye Jian