Yu Chun: Wise parents talk about lucky money to their children in this way, both long financial quotient and long emotional intelligence

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How to deal with children’s lucky money?This is the traditional question that troubles parents every Spring Festival.From an economic point of view, there are several ways to invest or save money that can maintain and increase value.Here I skip, as a psychological consultant, I would like to talk about children’s lucky money from the perspective of children’s education.Phenomenon 1: children are still small, will not spend money, New Year’s money to parents, parents are always very generous, often children want 5 yuan to buy a bag of potato chips, parents will be generous to double.Potential problem: Children may mistakenly think they can withdraw lucky money at will.Contradiction: when children’s desire to spend more and more money, the amount of money to parents is more and more large, parents began to tighten the money.The kid didn’t like it.On the one hand, children ask more, on the other hand, parents give less, the contradiction comes out.Phenomenon two: the child is still small, do not understand what money is, most parents, should be the vast majority of parents will give the child said: New Year’s money is you, mom and dad for you to keep.Potential problem: How long is not specified.Conflict: When it comes time to reclaim ownership of their children in the upper reaches of primary school, parents are reluctant.Because now children’s annual lucky money, less than thousands, more than tens of thousands.Parents are always uneasy about giving so much money to their children.One side is the child wants, one side is the parent does not want to give, contradiction comes out.Symptom 3: Symptom 3 is an upgraded version of Symptom 1 and 2.When children and parents because of the control of New Year’s money reached a heated stage, parents will use the trump Card: your New Year’s money is we give out the New Year’s money in return, these money is not you.From the above phenomenon leads to the parents concerned about several problems 1, the child said that the New Year’s money is his, who is the New Year’s money?If New Year’s money is for children, should parents give it?3. If so, how much is appropriate?We should not look down upon the problem of New Year’s money, which reflects the widespread problem that most parents have in their children’s education: the vast majority of parents’ education for their children is static, point-to-point education.The education of children is a systematic project, which needs to be carried out dynamically and flexibly.In short, we should be forward-looking in our children’s education.1. When children are young, when they have no concept of money, parents should consciously tell their children what is New Year’s money?As for whether lucky money belongs to children or families, this problem belongs to the category of family rules, there is no unified standard.But the most important thing is that the couple agree and then tell the kids.Even if the New Year’s money needs to be taken out of the family subsidies, it is not a problem, but to let the child know this thing.As for the child is young, can understand, this is not important, the child will gradually understand as he grows up.In this way, children can avoid the future when they grow up to ask their parents for New Year’s money, and their parents do not give, and even said that the New Year’s money is not the child, resulting in the contradiction.If New Year’s money is the child’s, should parents give it?Personally, I think the lucky money can be partly given to children.Learn to spend money, to cultivate from an early age.Spending money doesn’t mean spending it, it means knowing how to spend it.The easiest way to do this is to let your child fill up their shopping cart at the supermarket, return items one by one that are less needed, and keep two or three.In this process, let the child to talk about the reasons for choosing, and parents give necessary guidance.Over time, the child learns to make trade-offs and spend money purposefully, rather than blindly.3, should give children New Year’s money, how much appropriate?Children are small, there is no problem with money.As children get older, their use of money increases.You can increase the proportion of your child’s disposable as they get older.That is, how much to give is a dynamic ratio, and there must be an upper bound.Specific data, the best way is after husband and wife both sides discuss first, talk with the child again, finally both sides reach an agreement, according to this implementation is good.The above are some general questions about lucky money.What’s more, if parents have the ability to let their children learn interpersonal relationships through New Year’s money, it drains all its value.First, divide the people who give lucky money and the people who don’t give lucky money into two categories, and ask the children to think about the difference between these two categories.Those who give lucky money are either relatives, close friends or people with interests.Let children see New Year’s money in addition to the superficial blessing to children, the bottom is the adult world of interpersonal relationship.Secondly, why do some give more and others give less?Some are more generous, some are better off, and some have good face…Of course, there is also a relationship not to, in other forms to express, or mutual agreement not to go to the form of the red envelope.Again, some people give New Year’s money is must be more than you give you;Some people are how much you give him how much;Some people give more before, but then reduce…The above is just a simple list of some common phenomenon of New Year’s money, if the child can understand its underlying meaning, through the New Year’s money, you can read the adult world of interpersonal relationship very clearly.The above text, need to pay attention to three points: 1, parents and children to discuss communication, heuristic questions to let the child to think about the adult world of interpersonal relations, not parents blindly instilled children.2, in the discussion of communication, the attitude of parents to be neutral and objective, that is, to teach children to understand the adult world.If parents simply give how much money to judge good or bad, will mislead children to become utilitarian.3, this part of the discussion, not too early, so as not to destroy the children’s vision and joy of lucky money.It is recommended to wait until later in primary school or middle school, when children have better cognitive and understanding skills to make sense of the complex adult world.Finally, summarize the two main functions of New Year’s money for children: 1, financial quotient training 2, eq training parents must not miss New Year’s money, this is so good to cultivate children’s financial quotient and eq good material!