Look at a dream of Red Mansions, how they pay a New Year call, there is a small detail that is not easy to find out

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“A Dream of Red Mansions” seriously write Chinese New Year, only once, the other but like “a day and night is not idle, the year has never been good”.This seriously write New Year’s day, is fifty-three times.Fifty-fourth back to write yuanxiao, can also be counted as years of aftertaste.Add up, it is a whole two return, can not be described as not detailed.Fifty-three back from the year to rent, sub goods began to write, into the palace to celebrate, worship ancestral halls.Because ning Guo Fu is long, so ancestral hall in ning Guo Fu.After the worship, You left a meal, interlaced with a joke from Wang Xifeng: “Ancestors go quickly!Let’s go to dinner and leave him alone! ‘Get the serious vibe going right away.In fact, the Jia family ancestral hall is not so solemn and rigid, at least not limited to jia family members, even baoqin can attend.Some people say that this is because Bao Qin worship Mrs. Wang do godmother, has been jia house people.Nonsense, of course.If Baoqin is the Jia family, then what is the Xue family?Fire her?If only one’s own family can offer sacrifices, then if Baoqin offers sacrifices to jia’s ancestors, isn’t it throwing away one’s own ancestors?Worshiping ancestral shrines is a big deal, but it is open and inclusive, not closed and rigid.It is like the ceremony of mothering. It is said that Yuan Chun visited his mother’s home, but he also received relatives, not just parents and grandmother.And in the maternal family, the sick brother needs to avoid, or take care of the patient, do not force him to get up salute such as ceremony.These are all allowed.Baoqin attended the ancestral temple, Daiyu also attended, Baochai also attended.Because “now that baoqin is the first time, while carefully looking at this ancestral hall,” is what she saw in her eyes.Chai Dai has participated several times, it is not new, so I will not write about their feelings.This is not surprising.Strange is, Jia mother so love lively a person, has been in the ningguo mansion trouble until midnight, why not stay to eat dinner and then go?It’s not like she said, “Every year I don’t eat, you have to send it.Why don’t you send them to me instead? I can’t eat them. I’ll eat more tomorrow.”Jammu is certainly not so stingy.She was anxious to go home, the front said: “Jia Jing, Jia She and so on busy exit to the Rong Fu, specially waiting with Jia Mother salute”, behind and explained a: “Jia Jing, Jia She and other children to come in.”Look at that! What were the rules in those days!Kowtow to Jia mother in ning Guo Fu, not New Year, must go to Jia mother’s rong Guo Fu, just formal salute.Jia’s mother had to entertain these old, graying sons and nephews, so she was in a hurry to return to the Rong Guo Fu and could not have dinner in ning Fu.It’s not just nephews.There are “jia mother generation of two or three sisters-in-law”, in ning Fu has been sitting side by side, ate tea, but back to rong Fu, “the old ladies to salute”, this “two or three old sisters-in-law” also made a special visit, even if only “arm in arm smiled once, let once”, hurriedly eat tea and leave, this set of etiquette is not to go.The etiquette and a small detail were ignored by many readers, so that some people asked “Jia Jing became a monk. Did Jia’s mother ever object to it?”Or “Jia Jing has been a monk for a long time. Is xichun’s bloodline suspicious?”And so on.Lengzi xing introduced ningrong two fu, indeed said Jia Jing good way, live outside the city “and Taoist men Hu.”But did he say Jia Jing was a monk?If he went out, he would be a Taoist priest and cut off all contact with the laity.Who is jia Jing the chief priest when he goes home to worship his ancestors during the Spring Festival?”Every Jia Jing pass dishes to”, who is it?Who is jia Jing?”Jia Jing, Jia She and so on will be busy to withdraw to rong Fu, specially waiting with Jia mother salute”, who is?”Jia Jing, Jia She and others brought all the children in.” Who was he?Is being a monk like going to college and having a holiday during the Spring Festival so you can go back home?Jia Jing has never been out of home.Although he had lived in a Taoist temple for a long time, he would return home every Spring Festival to offer sacrifices and pay New Year’s greetings. He did not refuse these ceremonial obligations.He is only strict in self-discipline, “no shau wine”, “clean room silent place”, “no listening to nothing”, with their own rules of life, refused to the prosperity of the world of mortals.In this colorful, laughing and singing, but there is a “no listening, no hearing”, strict old man, I have to admire him!