Liangzhou public security to ensure the Lantern Festival peace

2022-05-12 0 By

In order to ensure the safety of the people to celebrate the Lantern Festival, On February 15, liangzhou branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau combined with the actual jurisdiction, to take a number of measures such as regular social patrol prevention and control, risk investigation, public safety supervision, road traffic protection, solid security work for the Lantern Festival.Agency elaborate organization, careful deployment, vigorously promotes the implement and further ahead of temples, parks and other places to carry out the security check, detail see the ZhiQinDian police forces, public security prevention and control, fire fighting management, emergency disposal, etc., to check all security measures, refinement and implementation, in accordance with the principle “who supervises, who is in charge of”, do their job, strong collaboration,Form joint security efforts to ensure that all security measures are fully implemented.Comprehensively strengthen the order maintenance and personnel management of railway stations, bus stations and other crowded places and key parts, and assist in temperature detection and screening;Actively cooperate with transportation and epidemic prevention departments to strengthen traffic quarantine work, focusing on the inspection of personnel, vehicles and items entering medium-high risk areas to ensure that risks related to COVID-19 do not enter.From police, special police, traffic police and local police station police (auxiliary police) fixed-point proportional amount, coordinated, orderly conduct staff guidance, security, etc., to prevent trample, crowded, falls and other accidents, targeted pickpocketing, gambling, fraud and other illegal and criminal ACTS, ensures that each ZhiQinDian will safe, orderly and folk cultural activities.At the same time, we will pay close attention to key road sections, accurately investigate and crack down on serious traffic violations such as driving without a license, drunk driving, etc., which are easy to cause accidents and disasters. We will form a situation of strict control and high pressure, and make every effort to ensure the traffic safety of the city.