It is strictly prohibited to organize practice for the purpose of profit to promote the healthy development of vocational education

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Recently, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology such as the eight departments issued by the newly revised regulation on administration of vocational school students (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), focusing on practice, aiming at key nodes, through a “forbidden” and 27 “no” to practice management set a “red line”, has been clear about the code of conduct, violations of for-profit organizations are strictly prohibited internship,It is forbidden to arrange simple repetitive labor and high-intensity labor unrelated to major, and it is clear that internship units should give students appropriate internship remuneration.In recent years, the practice of vocational school students has become a hot topic of social concern, such as “compulsory practice”, “black intermediary”, “labor trafficking” and other negative comments appear from time to time, which not only affects the overall image of vocational education, but also brings harm to the quality of skilled personnel training.In view of a series of non-standard phenomena of vocational school students’ practice, the relevant departments have been exploring to establish rules and regulations for the development of practice work and the protection of students’ rights and interests.From 2012, the Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, China insurance regulatory commission and other departments to establish the national vocational school students practice liability insurance demonstration project, in 2016 the Ministry of Education and so on five departments jointly issued by the regulation on administration of vocational school students, and now the Ministry of Education jointly eight departments issued by the new revision of the regulations, fully embodies the national attention to the problems.Vocational school students practice repeatedly to earn “head fee” compulsory practice chaos, behind the reasons have its complexity.On the one hand, some vocational colleges do not fully understand the nature and significance of practice and do not regard it as one of the links of teaching activities.The participation of vocational school students in practice is not only a necessary way for professional learning and technical skills training, but also an important way to get familiar with the position in advance and guide them into the society. Driven by interests, some vocational schools seek labor export under the guise of practice, distorting the original intention of practice.On the other hand, the chaotic practice of vocational school students also highlights the “hollowing out” of the quality and connotation of some vocational schools.As we all know, the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation and combination of work and study are the core of vocational education that distinguishes it from ordinary undergraduate education.However, the construction of professional connotation in some vocational colleges is empty and substantial progress has not been made in the exploration of school-enterprise cooperation.Enterprise participation in personnel training enthusiasm is not high, the integration of school and enterprise, practice teaching becomes a mere formality.Interns are packaged into “assembly lines” for simple, repetitive tasks.Because the management of vocational school students’ practice involves many subjects, long work chain and various aspects, it needs the joint efforts of many departments and the whole society.In the past, due to the lack of specific and operable norms, coupled with the restrictions of authority, supervision departments often “sweep the snow in front of each door”, supervision can not be seen, supervision can not be seen, there are unclear powers and responsibilities, the situation of multiple management, some vocational colleges ignored, fanned the implementation of compulsory internship.This time, the Ministry of Education and so on eight departments new revision of the regulations not only increased the safeguarding the rights and interests of vocational schools have many terms, for example, meet the parents of the students’ right to know and option, form a complete set of release the internship agreement demonstrative text (try out) “, for demonstration guidance for the internship agreement of the parties to the internship also made clear their supervisory duty eight departments,It is sufficient to reflect that in the face of the new situation, new situation and new requirements of the development of vocational education, the management department has a higher level and more comprehensive understanding of the essential law and management norms of vocational school students’ practice.There is no doubt that the newly revised “specification” for the vocational schools students internship management on the system specification “yoke”, but also want to see, from the provisions of a paper file to national policy really fall to the ground to take root, also need schools, businesses and fully implement and coordination between the management main body and really starting from the essence of vocational education teaching rule and need, enhance the connotation of educational quality and professional,We will hold students accountable for the problems exposed during their internships in accordance with laws and regulations, and effectively promote the high-quality development of vocational education.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: