2 + 72!Summary of high-risk areas in the latest outbreak and real-time query of cross-regional travel policies

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Qingdao city CDC friendship remind citizens friends 01 timely reported to the initiative, cooperate with epidemic prevention measures are the living history, and the positive cases stroke trajectory intersection, empty accompanied by staff at the same time, please immediately to the community (village), unit, is reported to the hotel, cooperate and for nucleic acid detection, medical observation or health monitoring epidemic prevention and control measures.People from medium-high risk areas should postpone their visit to Qingqing. If they really need to come to Qingqing, they should be quarantined for 14 days and monitored at home for 7 days after arrival.People from counties (cities, districts and banners) in medium-and high-risk areas should postpone their visits to qingqing. Those who really need to come to Qingqing should be quarantined for 7 days and monitored at home for 7 days after arrival.Personnel from other counties (cities, districts and banners) in prefecture-level cities of medium and high risk areas are not required to come to green areas. Those who do need to come to green areas should hold negative nucleic acid test proof within 48 hours and take nucleic acid test once upon arrival.Persons with travel history in land border port cities within the last 14 days shall take nucleic acid test upon arrival with negative nucleic acid test proof within 48 hours.The district of the municipality directly under the Central Government corresponds to the prefecture-level city, and the street (town) corresponds to the county (city, district, flag), please refer to the implementation.03 return Mohammedan blue staff, the implementation of the health management during the Spring Festival holiday has ended, primary and secondary school students for back-to-school day, a new travel peak is coming, have not been to the risk areas into green green personnel, on his way home on public transport, contact a lot of liquidity, there is a certain epidemic spread the risk.So please be sure to strictly for 14 days after Mohammedan blue self health monitoring, pay close attention to themselves and their families health, once appear, fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, symptoms such as diarrhea, odor (smell), sleep loss, don’t take medicines, to standardize the good wearing masks, in a timely manner to the formal medical institutions, medical care on the way to avoid taking public transportation,Personal contact history, travel history and activity history should be truthfully reported to avoid delay of diagnosis and treatment.Primary and secondary schools should regulate school entrance and strictly control the pass. Teachers and students should be well prepared for personal protection and epidemic prevention, and earnestly ensure the safety of school opening.Make reasonable arrangements for travel, avoid risk areas Strictly restrict travel to medium-high risk areas and their counties (cities, districts), and do not go to other counties (cities, districts) in prefecture-level cities of medium-high risk areas if it is not necessary;Staff in high-risk posts should avoid going out as far as possible. If they do need to go out, they should be free from work for more than 14 days and hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, and report to their work units.People with fever and health code yellow should fulfill their personal protection responsibilities, actively cooperate with health monitoring and nucleic acid testing, and do not travel until the risk of infection is eliminated.Reduce gathering activities and try to control the size of gatherings.Ever outbreak, according to a dinner party, party, play CARDS, and other aggregation activities triggered more cases, and accelerate the epidemic spread risk, in this special remind citizens, my friends, please try not to organize and attend the necessary aggregation activity, promote the economical fashion, advocating “occasion postponed, mourning for Jane to do, the party not to do”, try not to hold large-scale personnel gathered sexual activity,It is necessary to reduce the scale of activities as much as possible, while doing a good job of code testing, testing and wearing masks and other measures.People in risk areas, please follow the rules to return to health. As the epidemic continues, please be vigilant, wear masks, wash hands frequently, stay one meter away from each other, gather less and observe cough etiquette.In public places as little as possible to touch handrails and other public goods;Carry out separate meals and use serving chopsticks;Clean, disinfect and ventilate the living and working places, and keep the toilets clean.In view of the current situation, vaccination remains the most direct and effective means of preventing COVID-19, which is effective in reducing severe cases and deaths.All eligible citizens are requested to receive novel Coronavirus vaccine throughout the course, and those who have completed the full course of immunization for over 6 months are required to receive enhanced immunization.Friends who have completed the vaccination should not relax their vigilance and still need to take good personal protection.”Local epidemic Prevention and control Policies and Measures” query service The State Council client mini program launched the “Local epidemic prevention and control policies and measures” query service, which is provided by the joint prevention and control mechanism of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.The latest prevention and control policies and measures are under control.Check before you go out, it’s necessary!These services can help you with epidemic prevention and control travel card prove your travel within 14 days epidemic risk level check local risk level check local NUCLEIC acid testing institutions check nucleic acid testing results check your NUCLEIC acid test results (Source:, Qingdao disease control) of the State Council coordinating editor | Yu Zongmin than good review | Liang Libo contribute xin lei | qdgawx@163.com share collections in look