U-ball live: Kyrie Irving on the Brooklyn Nets’ reunion

2022-05-11 0 By

Kyrie Irving put on a show against the Phoenix SUNS on Tuesday night.Despite the Brooklyn Nets’ underperformance, the superstar guard kept the game interesting because he kept the Nets competitive in most of the games.While Irving did play well, his frustration with Brooklyn’s current situation was palpable in his postgame press conference.Given Irving’s limited availability in the Nets, he shared little playing time with his partners.Discussing his thoughts on the matter, Kyrie Irving said: “HONESTLY, I hate that I even have to answer that question.We think about it every day.This is not a short-sighted thing for us.We think about the long term and how much we are together as a trio.When we say, “As a threesome,” we don’t exclude anyone else on the team.But we just know that energy runs through us as we move and play off the field.”I think James [Harden] said it last year, there aren’t many teams that can come on the court with us and play well with us.That’s how much the three of us believe in each other.We’re healthy and we’re playing at a high level.”He added.We’ve only played a few games, I don’t know if it’s more than ten or something like that, but it’s definitely on our bucket list, man.We just have to stay patient and not lose faith and all the pieces will come together at the right time, “Owen said.The Brooklyn Nets lost their fifth straight game of the season, 111-121 to phoenix.Falling to sixth place in the Eastern Conference standings, the Nets made a major turnaround in the 2021-22 NBA season.