Tiger New Year film male leading role, shen Teng ma Li to help play when supporting, Shen Teng called him a big threat

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Ma Li, Wei Xiang starring “the killer is not too calm” released 2 days, the cumulative box office has broken 400 million, hit the second box office, word of mouth began to blossom.However, different from the past Shen Teng, Ma Li, Chang Yuan and other well-known comedians when the leading role, this time, Happy mahua selected the male leading role, is Wei Xiang.Who is Wei Xiang?Is he funny?Is this guy really up to the task?Before you ask questions, read on and you may find that this person may not be a stranger to you.Who is Wei Xiang?Wei Xiang, born in 1979 in Mianyang city, Sichuan Province, graduated from The Beijing Film Academy and is a signed actor of Mahua Funage.Before he was introduced to film and television, Wei xiang was mainly active in the stage.Since 2003, Wei Xiang has participated in the drama mahua | — If you want to Eat Mahua, I’ll Give you a Twist. Then almost every other year or two, Wei Xiang has been seen in the classic drama IP of Mahua Funage.Later, mahua Funage began to introduce comedy content from drama to sketch to the public. Classic sketch content such as a Son-in-law and half Son began to appear on CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and the Mahua family led by Shen Teng and Ma Li became more and more well-known to the public.But in this familiar, the audience put more focus of sight on Shen Teng and Ma Li, and even Alan, Wang Ning, Chang Yuan also began to have popularity;But wei Xiang, who has performed every time, seems not so lucky.On the stage, he is Shen Teng, Ma Li these leading actors to help;In the mahogany comedy family, he seems more and more like a supporting role.But Wei didn’t give up his comedy career.With an amazing talent, he has always devoted himself to comedy.”Wei Xiang is really good,” said Yue Yunpeng, who was watching him backstage during a performance on the variety show Happy Comedians.Meanwhile, Wei xiang’s comic territory has never stopped expanding.You can see Wei Xiang in everything from TV series to movies.Wei Xiang, who played the football captain in the comedy The Richest Man in Xihong City, starring Shen Teng, left a deep impression.In the film, he sported greasy Mediterranean hair and shook a middle-aged paunch as a show-off but gaffe-prone football captain.In particular, the laughing scene of “three mouths and a pig” performed with open mouth is almost one of wei Xiang’s famous comedy scenes.Whether you have seen the movie or not and know it is Wei Xiang, you have probably seen this exaggerated and classic plot.In fact, behind this, is Wei Xiang with little-known efforts, in return.There is a hilarious scene in the movie where he goes out to kick a ball, trips over a water bottle on the ground, and is carried away on a stretcher before he can kick.As a matter of fact, Wei Xiang did suddenly slip while shooting this falling scene, but he still endured the soft tissue pain in his right hand.After the movie was finished, he took the better part of a month to recover.Of course, his famous scenes did not stop there.In the sketch, he is young, the veil has just taken off, between the eyebrows of the sense of joy is vividly vividly;In “My Robot Girlfriend”, there is a comparison between the robot and bugs, who is poured into his arms by a robot. In “Joy Spy”, MAO Gang, a cute government official, gets hit on the head by a feather duster.In “Hello, Lee Hwan-young,” he is a chorus staff member who can make people laugh with his eyes and a few sarcastic words.The hearse driver who drives the hearse out of a sports car and swings wildly to the music of Good Days in Warm Hugs;In “I and my hometown”, pretending to be Russian, united villagers to deceive Ma Li, a few Russian words to the comedy burden easily shake out, the audience laugh nerve hold dead “fennel village” village head;In “one horse for three sheep”, a gift plot, the greedy psychology and action of corrupt officials, the performance is vivid, so that the audience shouted, please don’t let Wei Xiang play the leader, too real!Wei Xiang, who has been playing a minor figure, has also been playing a comedy supporting role in major films and TV dramas.With him, the show has no shortage of baggage and impromptu jokes.It can be said that Wei Xiang, who has been dormant for 23 years, is a golden comedy supporting actor.As the saying goes, a soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier.In Wei Xiang here, it may be the other way around.The director took the movie “The killer is not too calm” script to find Wei Xiang, he hoped to play the male number one.Wei Xiang surprised, also feel pressure.He did not do male no. 1, more did not do male No. 1 Spring Festival;He had no idea about it, and he felt the same nervousness he felt before his first appearance on the gala.Wei’s nervousness was only eased when he learned that his good friend and longtime co-star Ma Li would join the film as the female lead.In the movie, Wei Xiang plays Wei Chenggong, a walk-on actor with a passion for acting.Because of an accidental opportunity, was ma Li played the female star Milan invited, and starred in her new play of the male number one.Looking at the famous opportunity that dreams of is close at hand, Wei Chenggong is to join a cast almost recklessly, work hard to act, go up a mountain of swords under the sea of fire also not to refuse.Little do they know, he is playing a play in the play, this seems to take him as the leading role of the film behind, there is a bigger trap.But for the success of the kingdom of Wei, trap it may not be a bad thing, the bureau in the drama, bureau worth while, want to be able to be appreciated by the person only, can circle the male advocate dream in the heart, had been his life the most great feat, for performing everything for him, this is the dream comes true to unreal hour.People can have such an experience, “death is not precious”.On and off the screen, either Wei Chenggong or Wei Xiang, this is their first time playing the role of a comedy male.At the end of the movie, Wei xiang’s eyes turned red.He cherishes every chance too much.Many people describe Wei Xiang as a “late bloomer”, but he thinks: Don’t think too much, just do your best.As he said in the interview, it doesn’t matter whether he is a man or not. He doesn’t care about the result, but the process and action of pursuing love.Whether it is stage or acting, Wei Xiang can persist for decades, “the most important thing depends on the love of performing arts.”No wonder Shen teng praised Wei xiang’s performance at the film’s premiere, joking: “Wei Xiang is my biggest threat in the future!”.The reason why he was always favored by fate and helped by dignitaries was not only his steady and steady efforts that ordinary people could not imagine, but also his precious sincerity.Because of the role of sincere, so what characters in his here, can be vivid “flavor”;Because of the comedy sincere, so any form of content creation, can shake the burden neat and funny full;Because of his sincerity to the world, whether he is a supporting role behind others, or a humble clown on the screen, he can contribute superb acting skills comparable to the leading role, and he can always be supported and helped by people of insight.Perhaps this is also the reason why Wei succeeds in the movie. It also benefits from the same reason: rare sincerity and persistence.Therefore, even if God will send you to the frontier, let you wait for fate, but as long as you have a dream in your heart, neither humble nor arrogant, endure humiliation and stick to it, you will be able to become the protagonist of your own life, ushered in the exclusive inch of light in your life!