The young man who posed as her boyfriend was wounded by his suitors, and he was prosecuted for fighting back

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Boy warm-hearted, help beauty busy.Pretending to be her boyfriend and refusing to pester the Wolf.Altercation leads to confrontation, handsome guy gets beat up.Go to the hospital, he’s a puncher.The waist back is kicked by the foot, hold the waist and then use strong.Men take the bench, fight back with strength.He swung it, and the man’s eyes were badly hurt.It was a doggerel, but more of a physical altercation.As far as we’re concerned, this is a case of mayhem.Details were laid out in an indictment recently released by the China Procuratorial Website.Let’s take a look at this true story of being beaten up for pretending to be your boyfriend.Let’s get to know a guy named Wei (all names are pseudonyms).He was born in 1999, college education, jincheng a company staff, Shanxi Jincheng Lingchuan county.Living in a dormitory of economic and technological Development Zone in Jincheng City, Shanxi Province.He works with beauty Lily.At about 20pm on June 8, 2021, they left work together.On the way off work, Lili want to let a wei help.What is it?Originally, the man a long has been in pursuit of Lily.But Lily was disgusted with him.But the other side is not interesting to continue to entwine.Lili wants to let a wei pretend to be his boyfriend and then let the other side completely give up.Ah Wei readily agreed to her request.After two people talk it out, a long’s phone then played over.Lili handed the phone to Awei.A wei told a long, he is Lili boyfriend, let him stop harassing Lili.Later, the two and a colleague of A Wei to Jincheng to a nearby restaurant for dinner.During this period, a bit of unwilling A long micro letter contacted Lili again, he asked two people to see a face.Lili then sent the location to each other.After a while, A Long arrived at their hotel.There was, of course, some pleasantries.During the rest of the conversation, Aaron’s tone became less benign.Then a quarrel broke out.A long frustrated in love is not calm!He picked up an empty beer bottle and smashed it into Neville’s face.Ah Wei quickly warded off with his arms.As a result, a wei’s head, face, arm and other places are hurt to varying degrees.The restaurant owner and the people around see someone want to fight, the public hurried forward to stop a long and seize the beer bottle in its hands.At that time, although a wei was beaten, but he did not fight back.See each other by everyone stopped, he and Lili ready to leave the hotel to the hospital.When two people just walked to the hotel outside, a long rushed to kick a wei back.Then, he hugged Ah wei from behind and continued to beat him.A wei is very angry: he has made concessions, but the other side is still not rao!So, Ah Wei picked up the side of a triangle bench toward the back of ah Wei swing.This unsuspecting retort wounded Aaron in his left eye.The results of a long’s injury were as follows: injury caused by the absence of the left eye ball, serious injury grade ii;The trauma resulted in the fracture of the medial wall of the left orbit, which was a minor injury.The trauma resulted in a minor fracture of the left nasal bone.The results of a wei’s injuries were as follows: the skin on the forehead caused by trauma was slightly injured;The cumulative area of multiple skin contusions on the body surface was 47.5 square centimeters, which was considered minor.On August 23, 2021, A Wei was detained by the Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch of Jincheng Public Security Bureau on suspicion of intentional injury, and arrested on September 6, 2021.On December 2, 2021, the People’s Procuratorate of Jincheng City in Shanxi Province filed a lawsuit against the People’s Court of Jincheng City.Prosecutors believe that a Wei intentionally injured others, causing serious injuries, infringed on the physical rights of others, its behavior violated the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China” article 234 section 2, the facts of the crime is clear, evidence is indeed, sufficient, should be investigated for the crime of intentional injury its criminal responsibility.A wei in order to avoid a long on its ongoing illegal infringement, and take to stop the illegal infringement behavior, obviously exceeds the necessary limit to cause major damage, according to the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China” Article 20, paragraph 2, should be reduced punishment.