Shangcun police station braved the cold weather in the wind and snow to ensure safety

2022-05-11 0 By

This year’s Spring Festival, the village township area within the rain and snow weather continued, the road is unusually slippery, affecting driving safety, there are greater safety risks.Shangcun police station on duty, despite the cold and snow, stick to their posts and take effective measures according to the actual situation of the area to ensure the continuous stability of road traffic and protect the people’s safe travel.Start 24 hours on duty mode, the copy picture police patrol extend coverage, improve patrol frequency, based on jurisdiction freezes easily road sections, traffic accident prone, pedestrian traffic dense sections to strengthen patrol control and traffic guidance, by adopting a set “snow and rain wet, slow down traffic safety sign and police cars” lights “guide,Prompt vehicles to slow down or make a detour to ensure safe driving.The police on duty to prevent the masses from sliding, with them to clean up the snow, on the road they do not divide the day, snow, hidden trouble, where there is difficulty, where there is their figure.Police used wechat group notices and moments to announce weather conditions and road conditions in their districts, publicize common sense of safe driving in rainy and snowy weather, remind travelers of epidemic prevention and control, and raise drivers’ awareness of traffic safety.Shangcun township police station timely integration of the village cadres, party members and other personnel strength, to the masses publicity and popularization of rain and snow frozen weather safety driving skills and emergency knowledge.At the same time, all the advice stations on duty, strengthen snow day rural road traffic safety advice, stop traffic violations, prompt the masses to do a good job of anti-skid epidemic measures, reduce unnecessary outdoor activities, to build a solid line of traffic safety, life safety.Shangcun police station: Zhang Jianbo editor: Luo Lihong