Rapid and precise flow adjustment laid a solid foundation for highlighting the “Zhengzhou Speed” of epidemic prevention and control

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the term “flow” into the public consciousness.Since last summer, Zhengzhou’s scientific and effective handling of several rounds of COVID-19 has made “Zhengzhou Speed” visible to the whole country and been recognized by peers in the industry.Rapid and precise flow adjustment is a key link in epidemic prevention and control.The deployment team is like the advance team in the epidemic prevention war, and it is also the “virus detective soldiers”. They must complete the prevention task unconditionally, quickly and accurately.What is flow modulation?Is it really that important?What exactly does flow tuning involve?What role does flow control play in the overall epidemic prevention and control?Recently, on issues of public concern, the reporter visited a special class of COVID-19 Tracing tracing in the Office of Zhengzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters.Epidemiological investigation is short for epidemiological investigation, which refers to the investigation and study of the distribution and influencing factors of diseases or health conditions among the population, and the proposal of disease prevention and control measures and health care countermeasures.COVID-19 individual flow monitoring is to control the spread of the epidemic by identifying possible sources of infection, people at risk of infection, and contaminated sites and environments through telephone, face-to-face and on-site surveys.Three things can be solved through flow monitoring: first, trace the activity track of the source of infection (patient), investigate the source of infection of the case, find out the source of the virus, the way of infection and the transmission process of the epidemic, identify and trace close contacts and other risk groups;Second, carry out risk assessment to investigate the potential spread of the epidemic and delineate risk areas;Third, investigate loopholes in epidemic prevention and control to provide the government with a decision-making basis for interrupting and controlling the spread of the epidemic.According to the flow of information to draw a positive tree trajectory map epidemic is the order, flow of the team 24 hours “prepare for war”.Once ordered, we need to assemble in 10 minutes, get to the scene in 1 hour, win the initial battle in 4 hours, finish the battle in 24 hours, and draw a detailed tree map of positive personnel.Through flow adjustment, ensure that every close contact, sub-close contact, general contacts, risk groups, risk sites and risk environments in the city are found one by one and controlled in different categories.So, what exactly does flow involve?After receiving flow adjustable task flow adjustable players will first to verify the identity of those flow adjustable, then from the personal information (name, age, family where several people, now address, home), health (whether recent physical discomfort, whether medical, whether did the nucleic acid detection, personal or sampling in 14 days before the date of travel history before (whether have been to the high risk areas,During my stay in Zheng, where did you go from waking up to going home, what kind of transportation did you take, whether you wear a mask, and who you met up close?Personal track time will be accurate to minute, and finally form a complete track chain.The importance of this tree-like trajectory is not to be underestimated, especially in the early stages of an epidemic, as investigators have to question, dig and conduct scientific research.One day after a meeting held by the Municipal Health Commission, Liang Shijie, the team leader of the municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Li Xiaohong, the team member, received a call from the municipal headquarters, requiring them to immediately go to the sixth Hospital of the city to conduct a flow survey for the newly detected preliminary screening positive cases, so as to determine the risk assessment and traceability analysis.Arrive after six yuan, respectively for the first and 2 cases to carry out the flow adjustable, ask for details of the 14 days before the onset of to be quarantined trajectory control during every day of travel, fine to minutes, at the same time with the aid of big data information, every detail, although cases reported during the whole work wearing masks, but through deep in conversation, ask more,It was found that he did not wear a mask occasionally during work, and the people closely connected with him sometimes took off his mask because of smoking.For memory is not clear, the scene to identify with their wife, say not clear, the query electronic map to verify, through the final path chart preliminary locking location, contact personnel, the potential risk, the centers for disease control and lau kong-wah – immediately led part of municipal emergency flow adjustable players arrived at the city of six hospital to contact related personnel and subsequent positive cases to carry out the flow adjustable,For the “July 30” epidemic incident early, rapid control, to avoid further expansion of the epidemic played a major role.Flow to protect personal privacy, by flow adjust flow must not hide the players yun-xia qian and xinmi city CDC CDC ZhongXinDuan hai xia in erqi district flow adjustment was carried out on the case, the cases of obvious resistance mood, makes the recent travel path cannot be integrated, in many times to persuade invalid cases, public security personnel on the scene to persuade education,After checking with their acquaintances through big data, it was confirmed that the content of their flow adjustment was objective and accurate. The contact person was found and controlled in the first time, so as to avoid the expansion of infection risk of other related people.Relocation is crucial for epidemic prevention and control, and those subject to relocation must not conceal their personal travel tracks.Since the launch of the “Three public and one big” flow adjustment mechanism in Zhengzhou, the flow adjustment team can accurately check whether there is any omission, concealment or deviation from personal memory of the flow adjustment object, especially the travel track of the flow adjustment object through big data collection.In order to ensure the health of the city’s people and prevent the spread of the epidemic, everyone is responsible for telling the truth about his/her travel path. If he/she conceals his/her illness, conceals his/her travel information, or conceals his/her close contact with confirmed or suspected cases, he/she is suspected of violating the Law on Punishment for Public Security Administration.Criminal liability may be borne in the event of transmission of novel Coronavirus virus or serious risk of transmission.As for personal privacy, those who are being shunted don’t have to worry.Each flow adjustable team has professional quality, to protect the sensitive information of personal flow after the callback, the players will be done immediately flows of the authors of the report, according to zhengzhou city COVID – 19 of epidemic prevention and control headquarters office requirements, each by epidemiological information is strictly confidential and don’t have to concern personal privacy information was leaked, every celebrity adjustable member has an obligation to confidentiality, the participantsImportant personal privacy content is processed in advance.The Zhengzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention has also reminded citizens to wear masks when they go out.Although the transmissivity of omicron virus is enhanced, the mode of transmission is mainly based on respiratory tract, droplet and contact transmission, so the standardized wearing of masks is still one of the most economical and effective prevention and control measures.During the epidemic period, citizens are advised to wear masks from home to home.Wash hands frequently, keep hand hygiene at all times, wash hands immediately after returning to reduce possible contact transmission.It is recommended to wear a mask and disposable gloves when unpacking express packages. Before unpacking, use chlorine disinfectant or 75% alcohol to disinfect the internal and external packages. Wash hands and disinfect the packages immediately after removing and unpacking the packages.Avoid infection due to dining, during the restaurant, minimize contact with public facilities, reduce communication, and adjacent customers to maintain a “one meter line” safe distance, during the meal, try to avoid sitting face to face, can choose to sit in the same direction, as far as possible to shorten the meal time, reduce communication between colleagues.If there are many people in the restaurant, you can choose to take them away.(Zhengguan News reporter Xing Jin) Editor: Zhou Yiguang