Neat and clean!BLG beat AL 2-0 to end the losing streak

2022-05-11 0 By

After Uzi was replaced in the game against iG, although he lost the game, people gave high recognition to Uzi’s performance in that game. They thought that Uzi should be allowed to play to practice the lineup and the team’s running-in due to the relatively loose schedule recently, but BLG resolutely put Uzi on the bench again.As we mentioned earlier, the reason for choosing Doggo to start the game is because the BLG’s current score position does not allow them to have any more misbehavior.In this game against AL, BLG was also full, but just because of this, it created more public opinion pressure after the game.In the first game, AL early Xiaohao helped the road to open the situation, and FoFo zoe in the middle of the road, single kill Forge twice, but AL is also to get a dragon and two canyons, but in the middle, Zdz ambush grass Doggo killed, AL took the opportunity to get the dragon, but after the breath brother to help BLG get the dragon soul.In terms of yuangulong, Kennan of ZDZ could not find a good opportunity to enter the game, but was beaten by Fofo in the front. With the subsequent entry of the great Recruit, AL was defeated in the front line, and Kennan had no choice but to escape and finally was killed. After winning Yuangulong, BLG took the great Dragon and finally won the first game.Early into the second, what Shakespeare bureau, al bear didn’t help team to establish a rhythm in prophase, the policewoman brush lacus system becomes a soldier combination, the two sides on the previous resources is also flat, 20 minutes, bear flash open and Julio cruz, results are BLG hitting, clockwork backhand harvest three killed, then succeeded in winning dragon.In 24 minutes, BLG completed another wave of mass destruction in the lower road, but could not do it because of poor troop line. After taking the second big dragon in 28 minutes, BLG pushed forward strongly and finally completed a wave, winning 2-0 AL.With the win, BLG ended its recent two-game losing streak. However, despite the win, BLG faced a lot of pressure from the press, one of the main reasons is that the contrast between Uzi playing and Uzi not playing was so dramatic.As you can recall, in the BO3 game that Uzi was ordered to play against iG, BLG released the double circle system of Gwen and Zhao Xin for two consecutive games, and the second game was a narrow victory. After all, if iG had steadily advanced, BLG could not have taken the match to a decid-off, and in the third game,Continue to release double circle plus Akali, Titan this fixed point blasting lineup, the result is that Uzi fundamentally survived, to today, after doggo play, the first situation of Kennan around after the approach, Zhao Xin and Rihanna’s strong open group, BLG selected Tamu hard protection, breathing brother also play Gwen, the second game is also directly disintegrated double circle,The contrast between limiting the Bears’ pace early and slowing their development and relying on team play to win games late has certainly got a lot of people talking.Once you sign a star player, that’s the price, because you have to deal with the criticism from the fans. Uzi is one of the biggest fans in LPL and his every move will be watched by a lot of people. As a player coming out of retirement, his return to the game will definitely cause a lot of discussion.If there had been backup can also explain for poor condition, so after iG world war I, when many people see Uzi state fair, and in the race against are some of the weaker teams, not starting Uzi is the natural result, against WE still have a follow-up, I am blind guess, Uzi still won’t start, do you know why?