Ministry of Education official announced nearby enrollment, “school district housing” or will cease?

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Ministry of Education official announced nearby enrollment, “school district housing” or will cease?Just after the Spring Festival, the Ministry of Education released the key work points for 2022, emphasizing the “double reduction” as the top priority, focusing on consolidating the achievements in reducing the number of disciplinary training institutions, and proposing the school division policy of “comprehensively implementing the comprehensive coverage of nearby schools without examination”, which made many parents feel sad and happy.01 Still remember that in 2021, more than a dozen cities have been renovating school district housing. Everyone thought that there would be relatively more reasonable enrollment policies issued, and the high price and boom of school district housing would be effectively restrained and cooled down with the introduction of control policies.Sure enough, in the spring of 2022, the second year after the implementation of the double reduction policy, the measure of “nearby enrollment” began to be proposed again by the education department.Previously, many of the country’s primary and secondary schools are the implementation of the “school district housing index to school” policy, that is to say, the designated community students can register, enjoy the “school district housing” dividend and welfare.To this end, many students’ parents go out early and come back late to save money desperately, is in order to buy a set of school district housing designated by the well-known school district, once and for all to solve the children from primary school to middle school education problems.Although many of the so-called “school district houses” are cramped, dilapidated and of poor quality, they have become popular with parents because they are located near schools.Back in 2016, a house measuring 11.4 square meters in Wenchang Hutong, West Of Beijing, was sold for 5.3 million yuan.In 2021, an “old and shabby” 44-square-meter house in Guocheng Garden, Baihua District, Futian, Shenzhen, was sold for 14.2 million yuan on the Internet because of the “double degree” of Shenzhen Experimental Primary School and Experimental Middle School, but the agency in the district has denied this news.However, even after Shenzhen issued guidance on second-hand housing prices, the unit price of small apartments in the community is still more than 100,000 yuan per square meter.It can be seen that in such economically developed first-tier cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, if the residential real estate can be “linked” with high-quality education resources, the housing price will inevitably be pushed to “sky-high” by parents who love their children.The high price of 200,000 and 300,000 yuan per square meter is really “shocking”!02 It can be seen that the hype of the concept of “school district housing” will not only lead to price bubbles in the real estate industry, leading parents to spend more costs and money to buy and pave the way for their children’s academic prospects, but also promote the whole education system, showing off, confusion and anxiety.Therefore, no matter in which stage, “school district housing” is the relevant management departments focus on remediation, supervision and prevention and control of the object.However, some parents of students who bought expensive houses in 2021 will end up in “Waterloo” at the end of the year because of online rumors that the school district housing will be canceled in 2022.Especially in Shenzhen, some of the original transaction price in more than 10 million second-hand housing, less than a year, because of the “school district housing” network spread the news, each square meter dropped more than 20,000 yuan, and even a house directly dropped 5 million yuan are not interested in, it is really eye-opening.Therefore, the measures announced by the Ministry of Education to let “school district housing” get rid of the degree in the corresponding community are not only conducive to curb the “wink” of social capital and educational resources, but also conducive to more children from ordinary families can enjoy better education, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.The Ministry of Education will promote the work in 2022, mentioned in the nine words “examination free admission to the nearest school coverage”, is worth our study and discussion of the key points.It can be imagined that the so-called “nearby enrollment” is mainly based on the distance between students’ families and their desired schools, dividing “large areas” and realizing full coverage.Can’t say, student families can’t afford to buy “school district housing” can’t go to school, this is certainly the relevant management departments absolutely do not want to see.At the beginning of the New Year, such new measures, obviously let many ordinary families of students and parents at ease, but also let some malicious or eager to get quick results “fried tenants” hurt the heart.In the Ministry of Education will be long-term implementation of the “nearby admission” principle, “school district housing” can be said to have lost the survival of the soil.In other words, the administration solved the enrollment problem by dividing the urban area into “full coverage” and without omission into different districts, centering on the primary and secondary schools, so that the children in each district will be enrolled in each school, and no longer go into the district, degree and school district housing.Therefore, the policy of “nearby enrollment” is obviously aimed at making trouble by accurately sniping “school district housing”.Coupled with the double reduction policy, delayed service and mobile teaching, the current educational atmosphere stirred by education and training institutions will gradually become relaxed and rational.Of course, the so-called “proximity” is not “a line”, but according to the overlapping, number and proximity of schools in the region, different types of management.For example, a child in the district, can attend several schools at the same time, or a school, at the same time is located in the intersection of several districts, then it is likely to use the “lottery” or evaluation way, to carry out fair selection of students and schools.All in all, the Ministry of Education will focus on “nearby enrollment” in 2022, which is no different from ringing the alarm bell of “school district housing”.Of course, the demise of school district housing is good for education.Topic of the day: Do you think “neighborhood enrollment” can cool down “school district housing”?Let us know in the 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