A number of stats ranked first in NBA, why still no heat?

2022-05-11 0 By

If an NBA team went 38-9 early in the season, what would fans say about them?That they’re a good team?That’s an understatement, isn’t it?How about adding these numbers to the mix: 19-2 against teams with a winning record under.500, 19-7 against teams with a winning record over.500, 17-3 in clutch games, all three of the best in the league?When the numbers stack up, someone must say, they’re the favorites.If Mr. H thinks so, there is no problem, right?But what if the NBA team were the Phoenix SUNS?Not so, it seems.Even though some people keep saying how good the SUNS are, they keep saying how good they are, they can’t convince others that the SUNS are one of the best teams right now.Because they can always find something wrong with the sun.It is often said, for example, that the SUNS are eating the bonus of the schedule to play this way.So the question is, is it true?So far this season, the SUNS ‘big three of Paul, Ayton and Booker have played only 23 games together, which is less than half the total schedule, with Ayton and Booker missing games because of one problem or another.And the rest of the role players, like Saric, may not be able to play this season.Crowder, McGee, Payne and others have all missed games this season with various problems.They used to have a healthy roster, but that doesn’t apply to this team.Their strength is verified by time and other factors.So the question is, how does this sun stay stable?There are several reasons. First, the SUNS did a good job of keeping their finals lineup from last season.After their modest success last season, the SUNS were calm enough in the offseason.They haven’t been stingy with their core contracts, but they haven’t been as generous as the Nuggets have been insane.Did not give the extra contract, jammed the team space, also did not give a small contract, make the loss of the core team.Bridges and Payne are staying, and the price is right.The acquisition of McGee at the right price added a new layer of insurance to the no. 5 position and filled the void after Ayton’s exit.The overall structure of the SUNS hasn’t changed much, and the team has been streamlined so that Coach Monti doesn’t need to improve much on his familiar tactics.Because the Sun team had a complete system of attack and defense, teammates are also full of tacit understanding.These factors, in this highly mobile union, are extremely important.Second, the SUNS have not suffered much from injuries and absences.Ayton, Booker, Bridges, etc., have all been absent, but when this group has been absent at the same time, it is relatively rare.Point three: The presence of Chris Paul, who is never absent.During Paul’s time at the Sun, the outside world did have a bias against him, but now it’s time to dispel it.I think we’ve talked a lot about what he can bring to this team.For example, how accurate his midrange is, can bring a great deterrent to the opponent’s defense, can improve the team’s offense.These things are real and will never be outdated or changed.Looking at Paul’s data, it’s all positive feedback.Let’s just say the SUNS are less and less likely to offer Ayton a Max contract after this year.Why? Ayton has 21.4 percent of possessions, 65.6 percent of true field goal percentage, 112.7 offensive rating and 107.7 defensive rating.It looks great, but by comparison, Ayton doesn’t seem so important.This is 22.4 percent higher than Yongbo.True shooting percentage 66.7%, offensive rating 110.3, defensive rating 101.1.And McGee, 66.7 percent of possessions, 119 offensive rating, 101.1 defensive rating.Not enough data?Then there’s Jaylen Smith, who averaged 17.3 points and 9.5 rebounds on 58.3 shooting in his previous four starts.That said, everyone from butterfingers Bijonbo to young Smith to McGee, a regular on ‘Lost in Five,’ has become a god around Paul.The same thing can happen to other teammates.It doesn’t matter if you’re inside or outside or a perimeter playmaker, you can do what you do best around Paul, find some opportunities and make shots.So the sun has few weak spots.They have great inside reserves, they have playmakers, they have sharp players, and they have great 3D up front.The overall defensive discipline is excellent and every player can be unselfish.Even if they don’t have stellar stars, they can still make it in this league.