Xu Mengtao won the gold medal, who noticed the action of the American player after the race, the South Korean team was directly humiliated

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China’s Xu Mengtao scored 108.61 points in the women’s freestyle aerials final to clinch the gold medal.This gold medal is of great significance. It is not only the fifth gold medal won by China in these Winter Olympics (which has tied China’s best record in The history of Winter Olympics), but also the first gold medal won by Xu Mengtao in her career.In order to this gold medal, Xu Mengtao can be said to struggle for a good youth.Sixteen years ago, when she first competed in the Winter Olympics, her goal was to win a gold medal, but fate has since played tricks on her to keep her from winning one.This time, Xu Mengtao at the door of their own dream, is also the fate of mianmianzhong arrangement.After getting this gold medal, Xu Mengtao can no longer restrain the excitement and joy in her heart, she looked up to the sky and roared, will be more than 10 years of grievances, pain, tears and all roared out.When Xu Mengtao boarded the podium, she was still unable to control herself, once thought it was not true.Xu mengtao’s victory was impressive, as was The move by American Michelle Caldwell after her victory.After Xu mengtao was sure to win the gold medal, Caldwell ran to her side after the race and called out her name.Afterward, Xu and Caldwell hugged each other as they jumped and danced in the snow.Judging by Caldwell’s reaction, it was as if she had won the gold medal herself.The picture is both delightful and moving.At this moment, the Olympic spirit is perfectly interpreted.The ultimate meaning of the Olympic Games is not to separate gold, silver and bronze MEDALS, but to let the dream fly, let the hearts of all people together.What Caldwell did made the South Korean team lose face.Why do you say so?Because in this Winter Olympics, the South Korean team made too many unskillful moves, what lost refused to give an interview, what did not win the gold medal to wipe the podium, what in the race to display the pull method…Why does Korea have a bad reputation?The reason is in themselves.The truth is, no one is born hating South Korea, just the way they do it.In the future, or change!Congratulations to Xu Mengtao and to all competitors who are willing to compete fairly and in the Olympic spirit!China has already won five gold MEDALS at this Winter Olympics and hopes to make history by winning more gold MEDALS in the coming games.