Xianning water joint measures to ensure spring water safety

2022-05-10 0 By

Xianning network news (reporter Cheng Tong reporter Lei Yunfeng) During the Spring Festival, the daily water supply in the urban area of the city was a continuous growth, water supply total of more than 1.18 million tons.In order to ensure the safety of water supply in the urban area of Xianning City during the Spring Festival, Xianning United Water Co., Ltd. made the water supply service plan during the Spring Festival in 2022 in advance, and set up a 54 people rush repair guarantee assault team, 24 hours standby to participate in the water supply, to ensure the security of the citizens, happy festival.In order to ensure the production safety of water supply during the festival, the production department of the company has carried out a comprehensive inspection and overhaul of all water supply facilities in the water plant, and carefully checked safety risks, especially for the maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment.At the same time, the safety debugging of standby water supply equipment is carried out to ensure that in case of sudden failure of water supply equipment, immediate replacement measures can be taken to ensure the real-time safety of water supply production.In order to ensure the water pressure balance of urban water supply pipe network and the stability of water production during the holidays, the dispatching center of the company keeps on duty 24 hours a day according to the water supply plan, and coordinates with the water production department to reasonably organize water supply production according to the actual water consumption during the holidays, so as to achieve scientific and efficient dispatching and ensure the stability of water supply demand.The water quality testing center of the company strengthens the water quality monitoring during the festival. According to the latest national water quality testing standards and specifications, it carries out strict real-time detection and monitoring of the source water, the factory water and the pipe network water of the urban water quality monitoring points, so that the general public can feel at ease in using water during the festival.In addition, the customer service department of the company will implement the 24-hour on-duty system during the Spring Festival to ensure that the water supply service hotline is answered all day and reported to the corresponding department in the first time after receiving accident information.It is reported that the peak of water supply during the Spring Festival is on The first day of the Chinese New Year (Feb 1), with the maximum daily water supply reaching more than 180,000 tons.Before the festival, the pipe network department of United Water Company inspected the main water pipelines in the city and repaired the hidden dangers of urban water transportation.The emergency supplies such as spare parts for emergency repair and special vehicles for emergency repair are prepared in advance, and the 24-hour standby system for emergency repair is implemented to ensure that emergency accidents can be solved in the shortest time during the festival. During the Spring Festival, only 9 water supply emergency repair tasks are carried out to ensure that the general public has no worry about water.