Why sima Yi family was able to establish the Western Jin Dynasty?

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There are three reasons for the short life of the Western Jin Dynasty: first, the root of the western Jin Dynasty is to attach great importance to the family, the main trunk of the western Jin dynasty.It should be said that the support of the big family let Sima home became the Lord of the world, sima home is also very rich in return for them.In any family, when there is not much competition and power comes too easily, things tend to go wrong.Lack of adequate competition tends to be more prone to decay.From the beginning of the establishment of the Western Jin dynasty has been buried.Many of the victims of the disaster were scions of old families.The most typical example is that Wang Kai, the uncle of Emperor Wudi of jin Dynasty, compared luxury with luxury. After dinner, Wang Kai washed the pot with sugar, and Shi Chong, the sixth son of Shi Bao, the chief Sima, used candles as firewood.Wang Kai made forty miles of purple silk cloth, and Shi Chong made fifty miles of brocade.They are always competing over each other’s wealth, which should be stopped by reason.In fact, Emperor Wudi did not stop it at all and sometimes participated in it.Emperor Wudi himself lived a luxurious life. For example, his harem had ten thousand people, which was a heavy burden.As a result, Emperor Jin wudi did not care, he had a headache is that he is going to face which concubine.So he sat in the sheep-cart and looked wherever the sheep were.The wise palace officials would stick bamboo branches into the doors of the sheep and sprinkle salt water on the ground. The sheep stopped to eat because they liked the taste of salt water. Emperor Wu of The Jin Dynasty lived there, leaving a saying that “The sheep cart hopes to be lucky”.So the jin dynasty was doomed from the very beginning.Sima Yan’s eldest son, Sima Rail, died in his infancy, and his second son, Sima Zhong, became the heir.Sima Zhong’s IQ is not very high, he is a famous stupid emperor in history, is really stupid kind.Sima Yan’s younger brother sima You, who had been adopted as sima Shi’s son, was appointed crown prince.It was a big deal.Sima Yan was naturally unwilling to do so, so he decided to appoint his foolish son crown prince.Sima You was later ordered by Sima Yan to return to his fief, and blamed depression and died.You say to let Sima Zhong succession also has no problem, but gave him to find an ugly heart and malicious, play power is very powerful Jia Nanfeng as a wife.Is this just adding fuel to the fire?Later the Western Jin dynasty in Jia Nanfeng’s stir up trouble, in sima zhong’s helpless, soon triggered the chaos of the eight Kings, making the Western Jin quickly go down.The main reason why Sima Yi was able to control power so quickly was that Cao PI and his son did not trust the clans. Although Cao Cao had dozens of sons, the Emperors Wen and Ming of Wei did not trust these clans and adopted an attitude of oppress, so that these princes had no power and could seldom be pushed into the decision-making level.When Sima Yi and his 3,000 men attacked Gaoping Ling, the clans had no choice because they had no power.Some are even allied with the Sima family.After the Sima family came to power, Cao Zhi, the son of Cao Zhi, became very friendly with Sima Yan. Later, Cao Zhi was killed while protecting Sima Zhong.The royal family of Wei became loyal ministers of the Western Jin Dynasty.Because of this, sima Yan in order to avoid sima’s family also appear in this situation, so that he began to use sima’s own people, at the beginning of the king is not on the country, the official in the Capital to assist the royal family, then sent all the Kings on the country, the military commander, and then sent to the town key.It gave a large number of clans real power.This was tantamount to facing the situation in the early western Han Dynasty.The rebellion of the seven Kings in the Western Han dynasty and the rebellion of the eight Kings in the Western Jin Dynasty were essentially the same.The difference is that the chaos of the seven Kings is wu etc. under the pressure of cutting vassal actively give birth to ambition and trouble, and the chaos of the eight Kings is opened by Jia Nanfeng fanning the flames.Conclusion: On the whole, sima’s luxurious life, combined with the imperial clan’s too powerful power and the ability of the successor, eventually led to the western Jin royal family to the south soon.