Super another policy adjustment, promotion horse + port received good news, Taishan team naturalization is still a watch

2022-05-10 0 By

The Chinese Super League (CSL) has changed the transfer quota for domestic players in the new season, which means that teams can recruit according to their own needs, which also provides more opportunities for many players to find employment.Meanwhile, the CSL transfer window officially opened on March 15, allowing teams to register new foreign players and complete transfer procedures.Last season, the Chinese Super League’s transfer quota is still 5+3, the non-age limit is only 5, U21 is 3, each team can theoretically sign up to 8 new players.China A and China B cancelled the quota limit, which also appeared, for example, Zibo Cuju almost replaced all the players.This season, the transfer limit of Chinese super League (CSL) for domestic players has been lifted, and each team is no longer limited to eight players, which also gives more opportunities for players, especially when many teams are not paying wages and players choose to leave the team. After the transfer limit is lifted, it will be relatively easy to find new teams.In this case, some teams can be open to the introduction of reinforcements, which is promoted to Wuhan three towns of the biggest strength, they have finalized a number of internal reinforcements, the number of new season may be more than 8 people, further strengthen the team lineup.Last season, Wuhan three towns is to sign a number of former international players, this season they basically finalized Liu Dianzuo, Gao Zhuoyi, He Chao and Deng Hanwen, there are many future targets to attract.For Taishan team, the past season rarely full transfer quota, after all, Taishan team has an excellent youth training, young player training is also very important.This season, taishan team’s internal assistance number will not be much, the team’s lineup to maintain stability.In contrast, title rivals Shanghai Harbour are likely to have more signings, and their target is also clear, which is expected to further enrich their squad.The Chinese Super League’s domestic and international transfer Windows will open on March 15, which is expected to end on April 15, and the league’s preparations are still under way, at least for now.However, under the influence of the current situation, it is difficult for the league to resume home and away games. It depends on the communication of all aspects to achieve an ideal result.In terms of foreign aid, the Chinese Super league can still register 6 people in the new season, register 5 people, and debut should still be 4 people.Registration naturalized players or players, but in accordance with the rules of last season, have no appearances for the team’s condition or citizenship under 5 years of domestication player or as a foreign aid registration league, delgado is registered players last season foreign aid identity, the identity of the new season he have the possibility of change, it is also a hotspot.Taishan’s foreign aid Sun Joon-ho is not included in the 25-man south Korean national team. He is expected to return to China in the near future. Ideally, he can return to training in April, which is also good news for Taishan’s preparation.Jadsson has returned to China and is under quarantine, fellaini and Delgado are still dealing with the formalities, moises will be difficult to return to the team.Taishan team will sign a new foreign aid, the current stage of the relevant procedures are also dealing with.