Return home farmer to start a business, these 3 projects do not touch easily!Too many cheats, careful to lose all your hard-earned money

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As the second basic industry in rural areas, aquaculture has shown a rapid development trend in recent years thanks to the relaxation of national environmental protection policies and the implementation of subsidy measures.In this context, many farmers who have returned to their hometown to start their own businesses have also actively engaged in the breeding industry, some choose to raise pigs;Some choose to raise chickens;Still have choose a few characteristic breed project, raise native turtle for instance, raise snail and so on.However, breeding itself is a relatively high risk entrepreneurial project, for inexperienced farmers, a slight mistake may lose money, or even lose everything.Therefore, for the choice of breeding projects, professional advice must be cautious!On the premise that the breeding experience and technology are not enough to support large-scale operation, the breeding mode of “small but beautiful” should be given priority to.It is not difficult to see that farmers take the risk of “loss” aquaculture is nothing but to make more money, at least to earn more than farming, working more.However, for farmers with no background, connections or resources, it is not easy to make money. Even if they devote themselves to farming, they do not necessarily earn more than part-time workers.You know, the farming industry is one scam after another.For example, the scam of “package recovery” of local chickens is almost performed every year. The gang of crooks will take agricultural technology companies as packaging, and then sign the contract of chicken package recovery with farmers, and promise to package technology (technician on-site guidance), package transportation, package free construction of chicken shanks and so on, so as to ensure the survival rate of more than 95%.And some are allowed to “credit feed” for recycling.As everyone knows, once farmers sign a contract with them, the swindler gang will be in a hurry to ask farmers to purchase chickens according to the agreement of the contract, and the swindler promises that the chicken money can be 30% in advance.However, one trick after another, as long as farmers do not pay for their chickens, they do not provide technical guidance or build free chicken sheds.The most irritating thing is that after paying the full amount, not only the technical guidance can not be guaranteed, but also the agreed free building of the chicken shed is often done hastily, not to mention the recycling into the chicken that no matter!However, when the farmer realized that it was a packaged scam, he could no longer find the scammer and could not even get through to the phone.Why is this aquaculture scam so easy to see through, but there are many farmers fooled?In the final analysis, farmers are eager to make money in the psychology.In fact, not only limited to the farming industry, for farmers who have business plans, the following 2 projects should not be touched!Otherwise, it is very likely to lose all the hard work of a year’s hard-earned money!(1) Similar to the specialty cultivation project, specialty cultivation industry is also full of various scams.For example, in the rural areas of many provinces and cities, such as Guangxi and Guizhou, there are gangs of swindlers who cheat high tuition fees under the guise of teaching the cultivation experience of rare and precious medicinal materials. Once the farmers have paid the money, they will find that they have to ask them to buy seedlings and “specially supplied pesticides” and so on.It is no exaggeration to say that this kind of cheating is also one ring after another. As a result, farmers not only wasted thousands or even more than 10,000 yuan in tuition fees, but also lost more money than they gained in the cultivation of rare medicinal materials.In fact, the planting of medicinal materials is not only related to technology, but also closely related to the living environment.(2) Photovoltaic fraud in rural areas, around photovoltaic power generation related fraud is also emerging in an endless stream, such as free installation as a gimmick “photovoltaic loan” zero down payment model;To develop the pv pyramid marketing model of referral and commission by agency;Low quality cheap components to make up the number of the model and so on.In recent years, the photovoltaic industry in rural areas has sprung up, and many people will use “poor information” to fool farmers into installing photovoltaic solar power.However, the investment in photovoltaic power generation is large, and the return cycle is long. Some small manufacturers have gone bankrupt before farmers have paid back their capital.In addition, photovoltaic system components also need regular replacement and maintenance, and some manufacturers are clever to let farmers pay high prices to buy cheap components, no different from fraud.In general, although photovoltaic power generation is an emerging industry supported by the state, farmers are advised not to mess with it.To sum up, it can be seen that no matter the scam of recovery of special breeding packages, the scam of “high tuition fee” of special cultivation of precious Chinese medicinal materials, or the scam of photovoltaic power generation, it is not rare in rural areas.Therefore, we also want to remind the majority of farmers friends again, the article mentioned in these 3 projects do not easily disorderly touch, not careful is likely to encounter fraud loss to ruin!Returning farmers should choose projects with lower risks. Is this the truth?