My cat loves chili chicken. Is that okay?

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This article by the Doctor Meng Claw team original, declined to reprint if necessary, please contact although the epidemic has some repeated, but also can not stop people’s desire for the New Year.Kittens’ concept of Chinese New Year is something like: lots of food, lots of people…Little Red book user Ouyang Keke’s little German just made a bad move a while ago…The owner only noticed that the cat was limping a little at first, but within two days, the cat’s Jiojio was not well, and her mental state also deteriorated rapidly. The owner immediately took the cat to the hospital for a check-up.This does not check not to know, take a film to come out result to let doctor and host all be surprised!He swallowed it!Needle!!!!!And the needle was in a very dangerous position, stuck in the esophagus, and possibly even drifted into the chest, requiring immediate surgery.The operation lasted more than two hours before the fatal needle was finally removed.Because the needle had been in the body for a long time, it had oxidized and had penetrated the esophagus to the chest cavity, causing a chest infection.Key causes – “needle”, after a few days of treatment, after release from cats gradually restore the state of being naughty ~ before the illness, the kitten might rise, not only easy to vomiting, diarrhoea, allergies, also might be swallowed foreign body, leading to obstruction, digestive speaks to the serious and may even lead to poisoning and death…During the Spring Festival, there are many things to do, so while socializing with your soul, you should take care of your cat.Below give everybody fine fine take stock ~ above all, the thing of foreign body kind must close!Pay special attention to the following Kitty’s “favorites”!Thread is the true love of kittens, and it is also what they eat most by mistake.A cat that nibbles on a wire could even get electrocuted!02 plastic bags, foam cushion plastic bags are also cats favorite things to play, be careful of accidental eating and choking!!There are also kittens that like to chew on foam MATS and be careful not to bite off and eat them.03 Small Toy Accessories Watch out for small parts on all kinds of cat toys!Pay attention when your cat is playing, too!Next up is a variety of human food, kittens and dogs really no!Can!!!!Eat!!!!!!Scallion and garlic: can destroy red blood cells in dogs and cats and cause hemolysis.Mushroom: Common edible mushrooms on the market can be eaten, but some unknown or poisonous mushrooms can also lead to animal poisoning.Capsicum peppers aren’t harmful to cats on their own, but consuming large amounts can irritate their digestive tracts.Grapes: Grapes contain an unknown toxin for dogs and cats. Even small amounts can cause vomiting and kidney damage, or even severe kidney failure.Avocados: There are actually some Internet claims that dogs and cats should not eat avocados because they contain a toxin called persin.But persin is actually toxic to dogs and cats, birds and some large animals, such as horses and cattle.The biggest threat to dogs and cats is that avocados have large stones, which can cause digestive tract obstruction if swallowed whole.There are also some cats that can experience significant discomfort from eating avocados, so it’s not recommended.Lemons: Most cats don’t like the taste of lemons, and lemons are acidic and pungent, so don’t feed them lemons, pomelos, oranges or other fruits.Fruit with seeds: All kinds of fruit seeds contain substances that can be toxic to cats and dogs. While the pulp is not toxic to cats, avoid the seeds.Others: Some fruits have a strong pungent smell and are not recommended for cats.Also watch out for fruit stones, which can cause congestion.Meat in general is not toxic to cats, but some meats must be eaten in moderation.Bone and fish bones: They can cause intestinal obstruction or perforation in severe cases.Seafood: Seafood can easily cause animal allergies, resulting in vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.The contents of heavy metals in the head and viscera of shrimp are high, so it is not recommended to eat them in large quantities.Raw meat: Raw meat is edible, but raw meat and fish that have not been processed are not recommended as they may contain parasites, which can infect animals after eating them.Meat with seasoning: Dogs and cats should not eat salty food. Eating human food with seasoning can lead to kidney disease, high blood pressure, and salt poisoning.Fatty meat: Fatty meat is high in fat. Excessive consumption of fatty meat can cause metabolic failure in dogs and cats, which can lead to pancreatitis.Caffeine: Theobromine is the key substance in chocolate that can cause animal poisoning.Theobromine is a caffeine-like stimulant. Beyond a certain dose, theobromine can be toxic, resulting in vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and death from an overdose of chocolate.Dried fruits: Some nuts can affect an animal’s digestive system, nervous system, and muscles.Xylitol can cause liver damage or even death in animals.Alcohol: All kinds of alcohol, food and drink containing alcohol, can cause animal poisoning, coma, and death.Note: cats are pure carnivorous animals, although vegetables and fruits can be eaten, only when small snacks to eat, need to be appropriate, can not be fed as staple food oh!And every kitten’s situation is different, even if the cat’s non-toxic food may also lead to gastrointestinal discomfort or allergies!Han, I wish you a good pussy!It will be Chinese New Year soon!Must be optimistic about their own children, also must be optimistic about some “hands owe” relatives and friends, protect their babies.And a lot of hospitals also want to leave, we must contact the hospital on duty during the Spring Festival in advance, in case of occurrence.This article is dry goods quickly forward to the cat friends around the collection!Next time you’re thinking of giving your hosts extra meals, look carefully!This article pet care knowledge by Dr. He (BVM. Practicing veterinarian) review if wrong, please contact us!