“Japan studies abroad encyclopaedia” JLPT whether same period, enter oneself for an examination N1,N2 at the same time?

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Understanding JLPT is the first step to study in Japan. Studying abroad in Japan is different from studying abroad in many countries, such as undergraduate, master and doctor.The Japanese academic degree system is mainly divided into five grades: specialist, associate, bachelor, monk, doctor.Dear friends, don’t forget to choose your answer in the poll. Oh, we will announce the result the next day. I want to apply for Tokyo Institute of Technology next year.My current Japanese proficiency test N2 has certain assurance, direct test N1 some challenges.But I am anxious to get the result, and I have checked that N2 and N1 were not held on the same day in the same JLPT exam. So, may I apply for two levels (N1/N2) at the same time in the JLPT exam in July this year?(1) Of course, JLPT can be cross-level examination, the same test candidates can choose to register for any level (including the same time register for multiple levels);The n1-N5 tests are held at 13:30 PM on the first Sunday in July and December, so you can’t take them at the same time unless you have the ability to be in two places at once!③ Absolutely!You can take both JLPT1 and JLPT2 in the same JLPT exam.Because: JLPT1 is the morning exam;JLPT2 is the afternoon exam, the time can be staggered.(4) TOPIK can apply for different levels in the same exam;⑤ TOPIK cannot apply for different levels in the same exam.