Hybrid low fuel consumption domestic goods “Prado” this several 2022 “explosive car” to understand

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If you’ve been looking at the 2021 sales charts lately, let’s see what the majority of people in this industry, at least, are buying, whether you bought a car or not.It has to be said that while sedans are comfortable, the market is clearly dominated by larger, more generous SUVs.So you must have seen the Highlander in the store, the Range Rover in the high-end product line, including the ever-present Haf H6…But, no matter what kind of product, performance can only represent the past, these days who doesn’t love new cars?In the first day of the year of 2022, let’s predict what cars will be popular in 2022.The brand new Toyota Landcruze has arrived, but the Prado has not yet appeared on its way. What about those who don’t want to wait any longer?Go for it. The panzer 500 is no less powerful than the Prado.The tank 300 is the next hard-hitting suv from the Tank brand, which exceeds the size and powertrain of the Toyota Prado and is already pre-ordered for 2021, with the vehicle officially going on sale next month.Targeted at medium and large SUV, the large size of the intake grille with polygonal front lamp group shape more fit Ta positioning.At the same time with a spare tire and double color body, is also absolutely hard style.Interior is a large area of chrome and wood trim, independent 12.3-inch full LCD meter, 14.6-inch suspension screen, and the addition of time clock design, a luxury taste of the joint venture car.In terms of power, the Tank 500 is powered by a 3.0T engine with a 48V light mixing system and a driveline with a nine-speed automatic transmission.At the same time with three locks, equipped with full-time four-wheel drive system, approach Angle 29.6°, departure Angle 24°, longitudinal pass Angle 22°, minimum ground height 224mm, wading depth up to 800mm.Toyota’s bZ4X, the first model of its new bZ series, is a spacious and comfortable all-electric SUV based on the E-TNGA platform.Among other things, unlike other cars, the new car is equipped with solar panels on its roof, which can store enough electricity to run about 1,800 kilometers in a year.So there’s no range anxiety at all, right?Not only is the way of electric car updated, but it is also very modern in appearance.The two-color body design, the enclosed air intake grille, the front lamp group shape is long and sharp, enhance the visual impact of the whole front face.The interior is also an “Activity Hub” design concept, creating an immersive cockpit feeling.To say Ta is a second-tier luxury brand, but the Range Rover is definitely the ceiling of luxury SUV models.Ta’s new model will hit the domestic market in the middle of this year.In terms of appearance, the new car continues to adopt a similar “yacht” appearance style, the front face part of the air intake grille modeling is more flat, the front side of the LED headlights modeling is optimized.There are hidden door handles on the sides, and taillights have a new longitudinal layout.The interior design is more luxurious than the current model, with a new four-spoke steering wheel, LCD instrument size increased to 13.1 inches, and floating central control screen size increased to 13.7 inches.High version of the new car second row front is also equipped with two LARGE LCD screen, the central armrest box also has a touch screen.Ghost truck view: out of these three cars, which one would you prefer if it were not for the chip problem that would bring them to market on time?Leave a message and chat!