Chen qing ling: good bamboo shoots, peacock flower jin Zixuan to death also never blame Wei no envy!

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Guide language: “Chen Qing makes” the Jin Zixuan that Cao Yuchen personates in, rank on the list of childe of old family third, but Wei does not envy always look down on this flower peacock, basically be to feel Jin Zixuan does not deserve to go up his incomparable teacher elder sister River is disgusted leave.But objectively speaking, Jin Zixuan is really a good man, and his courage and quality, also worthy of the third position of the childe, in fact, Jin Zixuan is also very good to Wei Wuxian.Jin Zixuan is the eldest son of the Lanling Jin family. He has been spoiled since childhood. His growth environment can be referred to jia Baoyu in a Dream of Red Mansions, who really exists in the Jin family like a pearl.Growing up in such an environment, It is rare for Jin Zixuan not to be as fierce as Jin Zihun and pose as he is.Jin Zixuan body is the only point is proud jiao, but in the lanling jin that kind of pompous wind prevailing in the family grew up, the body will inevitably have some family childe arrogant gas, this is inevitable.Jin Zixuan is really a nice person, however, had no envy at wen wei bullied by the temperature classical garden, Jin Zixuan to maintain wei directly without envy, sunset at khe sanh basaltic hole, also a LiHu continuous girl, in the face of its fury, Jin Zixuan never unintelligent, was sure that even w without envy.Praise Jin Zixuan for his courage.Later, when looking for Wei Wuxian, blue forget machine with Jin Zixuan met, Jin Zixuan asked the whereabouts of the blue forget machine Wei Wuxian, blue forget machine and did not go away, visible in the heart of the blue two childe, is also recognized this person, so Jin Zixuan is blue forget machine and Wei Wuxian are recognized.Besides, Jin Zixuan also saved Wei Without envy from the xuanwu cave, or even Jin Zixuan wei without envy to back out, so he will say Wei without envy than the stone is heavy.In fact, Jin Zixuan has been very good to Wei Without envy, wei without envy hit several times, also do not hold a grudge, if the change of Jin Zixun as a person, do not know how to deal with envy!Wei Wuxian can not bear jin Zixuan, mainly because of his arrogant gas, also can not bear The style of Lanling Jin, think Jiang Disgusted to marry him, some disgraces his sister.And Jin Zixuan is not used to Wei Without envy, always bickering with Wei without envy, probably some jealous, after all, Jiang From the relationship with Wei without envy so good, for who will misunderstand.But then Jin Zixuan married Jiang Disgust, really like Jiang Disgust to Wei No envy good.In the poor strange way to see Wei Without envy, Jin Zixuan although I do not know who is under the curse of Jin Zixun in a disastrous state, but it is certainly not Wei Without envy, and try to calm the mood on both sides, and then try to clarify this thing.But unfortunately Jin Zixuan wenning was mistakenly killed, Jin Zixuan until his death also said to Wei Without envy, Jiang Disgust waiting for him to go to the child’s full moon feast.He never blamed Wei Wuxian, nor did he suspect Wei Wuxian, I have to say this brother-in-law is very competent, isn’t it?But unfortunately, such a young age to die, really sad!If Jin Zixuan die, he will inherit the lanling king of the house, one day will also be a very good immortal, there may be hundreds of problems in the management of immortal doors, but he must be an honest and good immortal, how also than Gold Guangshan and Gold Guangyao strong?All say is not a family not into a house, jiang samvega kind open-minded, Jin Zixuan integrity brave, and a gentle graciousness, a tsundere with humility, is really a piece of my heart, this is the only two people fall in love of seriously, and also successfully entered the marriage, gave birth to the crystallization of love, can only cherish such a good two people, but died young, really let a person feel pity, isn’t it?