Iron Man gets craniotomy, marvel’s darkest universe

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If you find the main universe (616) superheroes saving the world, beating villains for justice, a cliche and boring story, then the absurdity of the ultimate universe is more for you, where the dark histories of almost every hero are magnified to infinity.Here the Ultimate Rangers replace the Avengers, and Banner becomes a complete villain, locked up in S.H.I.E.L.D. with Mr. Fantastic (aka the Rubber Man of the Fantastic Four) until they are freed by Conor the Conqueror.Hulk with two infinite gloves screaming you’re finished!Hulk, with his infinite gloves, can emerge unscathed, even if he’s mashed up by anti-Hulk armor.The Thor in Ultima Rangers has no thunderbolt power, is mortal, or is mortal at all.Conlon the Conqueror, the Hulk, quicksilver joins him and soon becomes the ruler of the world.Meanwhile, Iron Man and his own brain tumor are working on a new generation of infinite Gloves, a self-willed brain tumor that Iron Man has named Anthony.There are eight infinity Stones in the Ultimate Universe, seven of them in your brain Tony it wasn’t long before Kang the Conqueror attacked the Ultimate Team.Hulk’s hammer the powerless Thor Conqueror Kang blinded Hawkeye.Tony felt the Infinity Stone close by, but Anthony seemed to disappear, and Tony’s head began to bleed.Turns out quicksilver found the Infinity Stones in Tony’s brain and Conor the Conqueror performed a craniotomy on Tony.Tony is dead…Although Iron Man uploaded his consciousness to the computer.In universe 1016, the dark side of all the superheroes is magnified, including Magneto, who turns the earth around, making it prone to natural disasters, and The Red Skull, the bastard son of Captain America.Article material from the network, such as infringement contact must be deleted