“Immortal road fame” he deep fame, dedicated to the mountains, willing to marry lazy fat old woman

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There are so many types of network novels, but you book friends fall in love with ancient Chinese novels. How much fate do you think this is?Hahaha!Speaking of which, I believe we can’t wait!So let’s get to the subject together!Today xiaobian to introduce you “immortal road fame” he deep fame, dedicated to the mountain, willing to marry lazy fat old woman first: “Immortal Road fame” content line: “Immortal Road fame” he deep fame, dedicated to the mountain, willing to marry lazy fat old woman wonderful content:The Taoist act, free and unrestrained, five colors of light together, people have been like an arrow from the string to the west, know death and go, although ten thousand people also go, Su Xuan admitted that he did not have this moral character, but did not interfere with his heart respect.Once the crane fairy left, Su Xuan did not stop much. He was not qualified to go to the great snow mountain in the west. The treasure dug out by ordinary people, he wanted to insert a foot in the sky to repair the Lord’s ability to fly to the sky without scrupless. he did not have the ability, so he had to drive two wind around and hide in a huge tree.Soon, the sound of tata’s hooves came, a dozen big men will protect a person in the center, vigilant look around, one of them agile stealth down, groped about half an hour, just come up.”The scent of three people, a few footprints, very few traces.”The man’s voice was dry and concise. Su Xuan had five senses and could hear clearly despite the distance.”The ghost has opened ten orifice, the whole body does not leak, how can still smell?Well, yes, it is hard to avoid some peculiar smell on the clothes. Marquis Guo Ding’s men really produced a large number of talented people, and there were even people who could distinguish between taste and people. This time, he must have a lot of means to calculate his family and beiyuan.The body becomes a golden Dan, the essence of the people gathered to a point, the heart control, the prime minister body, but inevitably continue to scattered overflowing vitality, if you want to combine the ghost, condensed yuan God, you must further refine the body to no leakage realm.(Click below to read for free) the second: “Eternal fame, I bury you” wonderful content: on the way back, Xiao Chun also indignant, angry way: “Young lady, that man is too hateful, a look is used to bullying.The bamboo forest is so big, and he doesn’t own it.Ye Xinglan smiled, bullying?As a fighter, let alone a fighter, he does have the power to bully.She does not speak, xiaochun thought still in chagrin mistaken person’s matter, guilty way: “young lady, sorry!I thought it was my cousin who had wronged you.””Silly girl, it’s nothing.They are not entirely to blame for our mistaken identity.”Ye Xinglan smiled and patted xiao Chun’s hand, but vaguely feel uneasy in the heart.The last thing she wanted was to meet him on the first day of his rebirth.She flees in panic, though she knows he won’t be able to remember her.The next day, Ye Xinglan is still dressing up, the servant girl will come to let her go to the hall.As soon as she stepped into the hall, she felt two amazing eyes, lifted eyes to look, dressed in a man standing beside the chair, chi Chi looking at her, eyes flashing surprise and love look.(Click below to read for free) Third book: Inheritor of the Quarterback Highlights: Yi Feng sat on the sidelines, flicking the ball, watching his teammates practice tactics, and said to the coach next to him, who was writing on the play board.”Ah?What did you say?!”Leming is thinking about the next game to how to make the enemy, suddenly heard easy wind this sentence, suddenly a surprise, tactics board crash, fell to the ground.”You said you were going to the draft?!”Leiming word by word, loudly repeated the words of easy wind, eyes solemn.They looked at each other, and for a moment there was silence.All that was left was the Shouting of the players, the running of shoes on the floor, the thud of basketballs and backboards and the occasional crisp whoosh of a hoops through the net.And between easy wind and Leiming is still a long silence.Leiming confirmed the easy wind in the eyes of serious and sincere, in the heart of mixed emotions.For easy wind such a disciple, Leiming feel he can teach him, is the greatest luck in this life.Yi Feng’s physical fitness, basketball IQ, basketball skills, is undoubtedly outstanding among Chinese college students, no one is sure, but at least it is unprecedented.Especially his strong physical quality, even in the flying NBA, can also occupy a place.In his first year in college, Yi Feng helped the team win the CUBA championship at the age of 18.This is the first time for Tsinghua university to win the league championship.Yi Feng was named MVP after averaging a triple-double of 37.7 points, 10.2 rebounds and 12.1 assists per game, plus 3.1 blocks and 2.8 steals, plus leading in scoring, assists, blocks and steals.(Click below to read for free) “Immortal Road fame” he deep fame, dedicated to the mountains, willing to marry lazy fat old woman do not know xiaobian today this book list, whether to let you book friends heart?If you have a better novel, please share with us!Don’t forget to leave your lovely footprints in the comments section!