Five major trends in the future of call centers

2022-05-09 0 By

The post-COVID-19 era has brought tremendous changes to our exchanges and cooperation.This makes it all the more important to keep communication and collaboration with customers through the contact center, and it is imperative for enterprises to keep the customer service in the contact center on the right track.Here are five recent trends that have enabled SparkleComm call centers to better deliver superior communication solutions to agents and increase customer satisfaction.1. Introduction of ARTIFICIAL intelligence With the rapid development of communication technology, artificial intelligence services will become important, and more and more call centers urgently need artificial intelligence to improve the quality of system operation.The use of AI improves the accuracy and efficiency of information sharing and optimizes the call center experience for customers and agents. Agents can better serve customers.Assume that without real-time analytics to keep your organization moving in the right direction, your organization will be cluttered with lots of invalid numbers, extra spreadsheets, exaggerated feedback, etc. — numbers can lead you astray!Only through effective data management can we effectively collect data, improve agent performance, and enhance enterprise insight.Business intelligence and real-time data can help organizations better stay on top of the global picture, tracking metrics such as average processing time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR) to ensure service performance in their call centers.3. Omni-channel: the new wave of customer interaction The customer is always the first, customer communication mode can not be limited to only one communication mode, which means that the call center can not only use one communication mode.SparkleComm omni-channel communications provides multiple ways for contact centers to communicate, enabling businesses to prioritize their customers’ preferred channels and provide a seamless and positive service experience for their customers.According to a recent study, 90 percent of consumers prefer the self-service option.If your call center worker agent is faced with a large number of calls that can be resolved through self-service, the enterprise may need to consider balancing the call center customer service model by adding self-service capabilities.Self-service does not harm the working efficiency of the agent. On the contrary, self-service helps the agent to get rid of some simple and boring work problems, thus enhancing the enthusiasm of the agent.5. Remote working: The development of new normal communication makes it possible for agent services to be more than just fixed in one location, although whether call center agents can work from home is still under discussion.However, there is no denying that enterprises can help agents improve productivity and performance through continuous optimization of the call center.With the continuous improvement of the call center system, the call center is helping agents in different industries to improve efficiency and put customer service first.